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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (2)

“Su Yu… I’m pregnant…”

“You… are pregnant again?” Su Yu repeated.


“How long?”

“It’s only been over a month.”

“Does Qin Chu know about this?” Only after he asked did Su Yu realize that if Qin Chu knew about this, he would not let her be so active.

As expected, Huo Mian shook her head.

“How can you be like this? You’re pregnant but you’re still working so much. Do you want to keep the child?” Su Yu asked angrily.

“I’m worried about Pudding and Little Bean.”

“Even so, you can’t not care about your own body. You even kept this a secret from Qin Chu. Wait and see. When he finds out, he’s going to scold you.”

“So can you keep this a secret for me?” Huo Mian whispered.

“No. I’m going to call him right now.”

Su Yu took out his phone but Huo Mian grabbed it over and begged, “No. Please… Please don’t tell him…”

“Why? Your husband has the right to know. He’s that child’s father.” Su Yu did not understand why Huo Mian wanted to keep this a secret from Qin Chu.

Before Huo Mian responded, Su Yu suddenly asked, “Is it because of that Zhang Manlin? You think Qin Chu’s feelings towards you have changed and you’re so angry at him that you don’t want to tell him?”

“No… Chu and I never got mad at each other. We knew from the beginning that Zhang Manlin’s Huo Siqian’s agent, so we are just pretending for the sake of the act…”

“Then… why…” Su Yu was very confused.

“There’s a lot of things happening for both of us recently. If Chu knew I was pregnant, he will lose focus. Huo Siqian is attacking quite often now. What would I do if that tragedy four years ago reoccurs because Chu loses focus? I want to tell him when everything is settled. It won’t be too late if I tell him then.”

“But are you sure the child’s going to be alright with you being like this? Won’t you be so overworked that you lose the child?” Su Yu glared.

Huo Mian felt guilty as she caressed her stomach. “My child is probably very strong. He’ll be fine.”

“Bullsh*t. Do you think you have a little demi-god in your stomach?” Su Yu rebutted.

Huo Mian: “…”

“Su Yu, just don’t tell Qin Chu yet, okay? At least tell him after my daughters come home safely.”

“Fine. It’s your family’s business, I’ll do what you say.” Su Yu couldn’t win the argument. He looked at how innocent and sad Huo Mian was and didn’t have the heart to scare her.

Su Yu’s feelings were more complicated than before after knowing about Huo Mian’s pregnancy: he was happy and upset…

As her friend, he was happy that Huo Mian was going to be the mother of another child.

Yet seeing the love of his life bear another man’s child and the couple being in such a loving relationship, he felt hurt.

He knew he didn’t have a chance to be with Huo Mian.

He felt bitter sad when the thought arose that they would forever only be friends.

A red wanted alert was sent out by the Municipal Public Security Bureau for He Yongjun, Shen Jiani, and Zhang Manlin.

The whole province sent out wanted posters…

That night, when Shen Mingxi came home, Huo Yanyan ran over, and a brutal slap landed right on Shen Mingxi’s face.

“Shen Mingxi, you bastard!” Huo Yanyan cursed.

“How am I bastard?” Shen Mingxi looked at Huo Yanyan with an icy look.

“How dare you trick Tiantian into telling you what happened and then tell Qin Chu and Huo Mian! Do you want my mother to die?” Huo Yanyan shouted.

“Doesn’t your mother deserve to die?” Shen Mingxi questioned righteously.


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