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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (18)

“Probably a little brother.”

“Why?” Su Yu asked.

“Because I already have a little sister. Little Bean and I are both girls already, so why not get a boy? Then, Mommy and Daddy will have both daughters and a son~” Pudding saw the big picture.

“You truly are a little adult,” Su Yu said and gently tapped Pudding’s head.

“What about you Handsome Su? Do you like girls more or boys more?” Pudding asked.

“Me? Either is fine. I don’t have much thought in regards to this…”

“I thought guys liked boys more…”

“Huh? Who told you that? Don’t your father and I treat you and Little Bean well?”

“That’s because we’re both girls and you don’t have a choice,” Pudding said helplessly.

“Haha, Pudding. You’re starting to not make sense.”

The two chatted happily by the pool.

The night was beautiful but at the same time, there were some people who felt that the night was too long to bear.

Qin Chu had arranged Zhang Manlin to stay at one of GK’s luxurious employee apartments.

The apartment she stayed in had two rooms. There was another girl there and they each shared one room.

The other girl was a talkative one. As soon as Zhang Manlin arrived, the girl kept talking to her, leaving her basically no privacy and space to herself.

She was very happy that she became Qin Chu’s personal assistant.

However, she needed to report to Huo Siqian because he was still her boss.

There were security cameras everywhere and people around her were all on Qin Chu’s side. The phone she used to have was broken in the mountains so she did not have any contact information left. She didn’t have the chance to report to Huo Siqian.

Zhang Manlin was very unsettled…

– In the Huo Residence –

“Boss, the twins and Zhang Manlin all came back safely.”

“Where is she?” Huo Siqian wasn’t in a good mood.

“Once she came back, she went directly to GK Corporation’s headquarters. I heard she’s going to be Qin Chu’s personal assistant.”

“Personal assistant? Hehe, impressive…” Huo Siqian scoffed.

“Boss, did that b*tch Zhang Manlin betray us?” Ah-Cheng suspected.

Huo Siqian didn’t respond…

“You told her to take the kids to Qinghe Town to us but when we got there, Su Yu and the police were already waiting there. Don’t you think it’s strange? I don’t believe that it’s just a coincidence that the bandits would show up. Do you think Zhang Manlin is with Qin Chu now? Maybe she made some deal with Qin Chu?”

“I’ll figure this out. If she really did betray us, then it’ll start getting more interesting. You do know how I deal with traitors.” Huo Siqian looked up and smiled wickedly at Cheng.

“Boss, don’t worry. If that did happen, I’ll help you deal with it,” Cheng said.

“What about those captured?” Huo Siqian asked.

“According to the latest news we received, the male suspect, which is that man with Shen Jiani, is already dead. He lost too much blood in transit. That’s what the police said but they didn’t report the specifics of how he died.”

“What about Shen Jiani?” Huo Siqian asked.

“She’s still alive. She’s in jail now at the Municipal Public Security Bureau.”

“Hehe, the good times for that b*tch are going to end soon.”

“Boss, are we going to take action?”

“No. No need. Someone’s before us.” Huo Siqian grinned.

In the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Huo Yanyan, in big sunglasses, went to visit Shen Jiani, who was arrested. Huo Yanyan looked very tired.

“Yanyan, you have to save me… I don’t want to go to and die in jail,” Shen Jiani teared up once she saw Huo Yanyan.



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