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(My Wife is a Genius (3)

“Very soon. We’re close…” Although Zhang Manlin said this, she was actually thinking about how to hide the twins as soon as possible.

She didn’t know that as soon as she reached Qinghe Town, she would be captured by Huo Siqian.

She was still contemplating what to do because she thought she would be able to negotiate the terms and conditions with the twins and get to Qin Chu soon.

She expected herself to be received as a hero because she saved Qin Chu’s children, but now she was a wanted criminal.

With the current situation, Zhang Manlin would not simply send the twins home safe and sound.

Of course, she didn’t tell the twins about this…

They were able to see Qinghe Town from a distance, and Zhang Manlin slowed down her car.

“What’s the matter? What are you trying to do this time?” Little Bean never trusted Zhang Manlin for a second in the first place. She didn’t believe a woman that they fooled around with so badly would be so kind as to send them home.

“There’s not enough gas in the car. We need to find a gas station. I saw on the map there was one ahead so we must slow down now,” Zhang Manlin said as an excuse.

“You…” Little Bean was about to say something but Pudding stopped her.

Pudding shook her head, telling Little Bean not to say anything more.

Little Bean saw what Pudding meant so she stopped herself from uttering her thoughts. However, she was still very unhappy with Zhang Manlin.

Just when Zhang Manlin wanted to turn into a sideroad for gas, a large truck suddenly appeared and blocked them.

“F*ck. What the hell!” Zhang Manlin was never a cultured person so she immediately swore. She frowned and wanted to leave the car to see what was happening.

Just then, she saw three men walk out of the truck with long knives in their hands.

“Zhang Manlin, you b*tch. How dare you scheme against us,” Little Bean cursed. Little Bean thought Zhang Manlin was with those people.

“It’s not me… I don’t know what’s happening either,” Zhang Manlin said in confusion.

“Sit tight. They might be bandits. I’m going to back up…” Zhang Manlin saw that there was nowhere to go forward so she wanted to turn back.

“Stop. Look at the back,” Pudding calmly warned.

Zhang Manlin looked back. There had been no one behind them a while back but now there were two black sedans with no plates.

Since there were cars blocking her, she had nowhere to go.

“What should I do? What should I do? I’m doomed…” Zhang Manlin was so scared that her face turned pale and she could not move her body.

“Why are you still hesitating? Smash into them! Even if you have to run them over, go for it, or else we’re doomed!” Little Bean shouted.

“No. We can’t. Look at the side of the road. They have sharp needles lined up. The tires are going to deflate,” Pudding said as she carefully observed through the side mirrors of the car.

“It looks like they have come here prepared.” Little Bean nodded and no longer considered escaping.

“B*tches, get out of the car!” the leader of the group shouted arrogantly.

They all looked brute, poor, and evil. Including the leader, there were six big and dark-skinned men.

Not only were the twins scared now, even Zhang Manlin was terrified…

“Who are you? Did Big Brother Qian send you guys here?” Zhang Manlin asked naively as she thought they were with Huo Siqian.


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