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( My Wife is a Genius (13)

“Hello? Su Yu… have you guys arrived in Qinghe Town yet?”

Huo Mian was leaning against the car that the armed police had driven over, forcing herself to eat the egg pie that Mr. Qin had brought.

She reached down and rubbed her belly. Why was she in such a bad mood lately? How was her unborn baby doing? Has it grown a little bigger?

Shortly after, Qin Chu hung up his phone and walked over.

“Honey, have the children been picked up?” Huo Mian asked immediately.

“Not yet. Zhang Manlin hasn’t arrived in Qinghe Town yet.”

“How is this possible? Has something gone wrong?” Huo Mian looked extremely distressed.

“Not at all, just relax. Mian… Zhang Manlin has to pass through Qinghe Town no matter what. She can’t head back, and she has no other way around. Su Yu, Tang Chuan, and Ning are all there, and a lot of police officers have strictly secured the area. Nothing and no one can get past them, not even a fly,” Qin Chu reassured Huo Mian.

“I hope the children are okay…”

As she was saying this, Huo Mian leaned on Qin Chu’s shoulder and began crying once again.

Perhaps it was because pregnant women had a tendency to be emotional that Huo Mian had looked so weak recently, both physically and mentally.

Even Gao Ran found it hard to look at her.

“Huo Mian, why don’t you get back into the car and relax for a bit. There’s hot water inside. It’s too cold, and it isn’t much you can do out here…”

Before Huo Mian could speak, a loud noise came from somewhere in the mountains.

“What was that?” Gao Ran turned around, with an unnatural look on his face.

Right afterward, they watched as several armed policemen rushed out. “Platoon Leader, report. The suspect has explosives on him. Our men have been injured…”

“Call the hospital immediately.” Platoon Leader Zhang Bin became frantic.

“I told you they had explosives! Why weren’t you more cautious?” Hearing that there were injuries, Gao Ran felt his heart sink in his chest.

“Director Gao, we were being cautious, but that bandit was too cunning. He didn’t throw the explosives directly at us, he buried them. We didn’t even see them…”

A small armed police officer replied with grief.

“Fack, you want to fight a land-mine war with me?” Gao Ran was also furious.

“Director Gao, what do we do now? Should we get a land-mine expert here?” Platoon Leader Zhang Bin was also in a daze.

They were just armed police forces. Usually, all that anti-explosive and anti-terrorist stuff, it was all drills. Where would they have encountered this type of assault? Thus, he asked Gao Ran how to proceed.

“If we get an explosives expert out, he will be dispatched from the province. There isn’t enough time, it will be too late… He Yongjun would likely be gone already by the time the expert squad arrives…” Gao Ran said, grinding his teeth.

He had seen He Yongjun’s file. He was particularly cunning and good at smuggling. Even in a place like Vietnam, with its mix of good people and scoundrels, he was able to move about freely.

For this reason, they couldn’t let their guard down.

“I can disable landmines. I’ll do it.” Qin Chu took off his jacket, held it in his hand, and walked out from behind Gao Ran.

“Uh… you?” Gao Ran didn’t think that Qin Chu would step forward at this time. At the same time, he knew that Qin Chu wasn’t one to show off. If he said he knew how to do something, then he really did.

“I’ll go disable the landmines, and your guys can follow my lead… that way, nothing will go wrong,” Qin Chu said as he looked at Platoon Captain Zhang Bin.

“No way, I won’t allow it.” Huo Mian took the egg pie and threw it on the ground. She ran over to Qin Chu and tugged on his arm.

“Mian…” Qin Chu spoke gently to her, trying to calm her down.

“When I say there’s no way, I mean it. I can’t let you risk it… He Yongjun doesn’t play by the rules. We can’t put ourselves in danger,” Huo Mian said determinedly.

“Then what do we do now?” Platoon Leader Zhang was completely at a loss.



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