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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (1)

“Of course, I could actually just tell my daddy to give you money, but… if he gives you money and you squander it, then what? So, it’s better to just find stable work for you. All of you are getting older. Get with the times… stop playing king of the castle in the mountains. It’s childish and caveman-like. So, as long as you guys agree, I am willing to do this, I will definitely arrange for each of you to be properly taken care of. That way, for the second half of your lives, you will be able to put food on the table and clothes on your backs without worrying about the police at all. The most important thing is, you’ll be able to leave this place and move to the city. ”

“That’s not a bad idea, but how can we trust you?” Big Beard looked at Little Bean as he asked.

“Because you have no choice. Heaven or hell, the choice is yours… and don’t say I didn’t remind you, do you think you’ll live long enough to spend over a billion yuan even if you get that money? Do you know what it means to not have enough luck to enjoy something?”

Everything Little Bean said really hit home with Big Beard.

“Big Beard, if you can’t bring yourself to trust me, then you can’t possibly trust that Zhang Manlin?”

“Zhang Manlin? Oh, you mean that chick?” Big Beard stopped to think for a moment.

“Right. Do you know what our relation to her is?”

“She said she was also trying to catch you guys.” Big Beard faintly remembered Zhang Manlin mentioning this before.

“That’s right. That woman is definitely a bad guy. She wants to capture us as well, but unlike you who’s only in it for money, she… wants us dead.”

“Huh? No way?” Big Beard clearly thought what Little Bean said was outrageous.

“Can’t you tell from looking at her that she has undergone plastic surgery?”

“It’s true, when she’s under light, the bone in the bridge of her nose becomes transparent. On TV, so many female stars get some kind of plastic surgery. I think that afterward, they don’t even look as good as the girls in the villages nearby.” Big Beard sighed.

“She didn’t just get surgery, she deliberately tries to look more like our mommy, just to seduce our daddy. This kind of scheming is the worst. My sister and I sorted her out before, so she resents us. This time, she captured us and even instigated you to use us to get a ransom. When the police came, she will have become the victim, and suddenly you guys will be forced to take all the blame for her.”

“Holy fack…” Just then, Big Beard finally understood.

“Now that I’ve said this, you probably get it, right?”

“I didn’t think too much about it. Hearing you say this, that woman really is no angel.” Big Beard wasn’t too fond of Zhang Manlin to begin with.

After listening to Little Bean, he was even angrier.

“Zhang Manlin wants to get two things done at once, get rid of us and get rid of you. How awesome is that? But unfortunately, my sister and I will not let her succeed. Big Beard, we don’t have much time. Listen to me, call my daddy. Otherwise, you can listen to Zhang Manlin and kidnap us and ask for a ransom. I will definitely give you the phone number. But what you say to my daddy is your choice. You can become our family’s savior in an instant and accept my daddy’s gratitude. Or, you could also become the number one most wanted criminal overnight. You could take the money and run for your life, or… before you get your hands on the money, you could be killed by the police… The choice is yours.”

“All of this… I can’t, it’s too much. I have to think this over.”

When Little Bean put things this way for Big Beard, he still couldn’t make up his mind about what to do.

“Sure, think about it for a night and give me your answer tomorrow morning. There is something else, I’ll whisper it to you.”

Little Bean hooked pinkies and looked at Big Beard secretively.

Big Beard actually obediently went over and did as Little Bean ordered.



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