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(My Wife is a Genius (10)

“Qin Mumu, your mouth right now, it can fit a swan egg.”

“No, I’m just surprised! You know things that even Daddy doesn’t know! You’re so awesome.” Little Bean’s eyes beamed with praise and respect as she looked at Pudding.

“I bumped into Mommy throwing up by accident. She refused to eat any medication even though her stomach wasn’t feeling well, so I thought something must be going on.”

“So why did you hide Mommy’s pregnancy test? Are you going to use it as a get-out-of-jail-free card?” Little Bean laughed at her sis.

“No, I was planning on telling Daddy the secret, and this is evidence.”

“Holy shit, you are going to sell out Mommy?”

“It’s not really betraying, Mommy and Daddy are a couple,” Pudding defended herself.

“Fine, you win, Qin Zhaozhao. No wonder you are the older sis,” Little Bean chuckled and continued to worship her big sister, “You came out a couple of minutes earlier than me, but you are indeed so much smarter than me!”

The two sisters were having quite a good time chatting away. On the other end, the last bit of Zhang Manlin’s clothes was about to be stripped bare.

No matter how much she cried and begged, the men had no intention of letting her go, and the man named Hai also seemed like he had no intention of stopping his subordinates.

“Wait, I have some very important information that you guys might be interested in!” Zhang Manlin suddenly came up with an idea and screamed.

“What do you want now, crazy bitch?”

“Big Brother Hai, I have a really important piece of information for you, it will make you very rich,” Zhang Manlin spoke directly to the subordinates’ boss.

“Oh?” The man stopped playing with the two walnuts in his hand and looked up at Zhang Manlin. “What information? What’s this opportunity to become rich? Let’s hear it.”

“I promise it will give you so much money that you won’t even be able to spend it all in this lifetime! But, you have to promise me that your subordinates won’t rape me. Or else, I will die with my tongue held,” Zhang Manlin negotiated.

“Huh, you dumb bitch, how dare you negotiate with our boss?” One of the subordinates grabbed Zhang Manlin by the hair and was about to give her a real good smacking.

“Stop,” Hai commanded, “Let her talk.” He seemed very interested in the opportunity of becoming filthy rich.

“Let me tell you something, if you dare to lie to us, we will throw you to the back of the mountain after we’re done playing with you. The mountains are full of all kinds of wild beasts, and you will be eaten alive,” the subordinates threatened.

“Rest assured, I don’t want to die yet. Regardless of how many lionhearts you give me, I wouldn’t dare to lie to Big Brother Hai,” Zhang Manlin found her serenity and replied slowly.

“Sis, what do you think this woman is going to say?” Little Bean asked curiously.

“Nothing good, that’s for sure. Half the ideas this woman comes up with are vicious and evil. We need to be careful.” Pudding watched Zhang Manlin alarmingly.

“Interesting.” Hai put the walnuts down on the table and got up. “Very interesting.” He chuckled as he slowly walked towards Zhang Manlin.

“Big Brother Hai, we’ve arrived at an agreement, right?” Zhang Manlin asked anxiously.

“Sure, I will give you the promise. I’m curious to see what sort of opportunity you have for me that will get me fucking rich,” Big Brother Hai agreed to her requests readily.

Instantly, a smile appeared on Zhang Manlin’s face.

“Can you talk now?” the man asked.

Zhang Manlin turned around, pointed at the twins, and continued on viciously, “Those two, they will make you rich,”

Upon hearing what she just said, the twins’ facial expressions both changed drastically.



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