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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (20)

“Mom, it’s not that simple. Do you think Qin Chu and Huo Mian will let you go?” Huo Yanyan looked helplessly at her mother. She didn’t know if she should be angry at her or pity her.

“Didn’t people say Shen Mingxi and Su Yu were friends? He can go beg Su Yu. Huo Mian will listen to Su Yu…” Shen Jiani was good at making people work for her.

Huo Yanyan scoffed. “Bullsh*t. If Shen Mingxi went to beg Su Yu, he’d get beaten up to death by Su Yu as soon as he spoke… You might not know but there was a time earlier when Mingxi was drunk and he said some bad things about Huo Mian to Su Yu. After that incident, their relationship became irreconcilable. If you make him do that, you would be dragging all of us down.”

“Now what? Are you going to leave me?” Shen Jiani said unhappily.

“I didn’t say I was going to leave you. I only said I’ll try. You know that my powers are limited. Compared to Huo Mian, my powers are weak.”

“God is not fair. If I wasn’t so soft-hearted and got someone to kill Yang Meirong’s kid, then Huo Mian wouldn’t exist.”

Shen Jiani regretted how she didn’t take action when she could. She used to win so many times when it 
came to Yang Meirong. She looked down on Yang Meirong but now Yang Meirong’s child was at the top of the social hierarchy.

She didn’t understand how Yang Meirong and Huo Zhenghai, who both weren’t that smart, could give birth to Huo Mian, who was such a genius.

She would never have the opportunity to find out that Huo Mian was not Huo Zhenghai and Yang Meirong’s biological daughter, nor would she know the true story of swapping kids in Dong Tao Town.

“There’s no use in saying these things now…” Huo Yanyan was still angry.

“Yanyan, can you bring Tiantian to see me next time? I miss her,” Shen Jiani said. She saw how reluctant her daughter was willing to help her so she tried to use her granddaughter as an excuse.

“We’ll see. In order to see you this time, I had to bribe my way through. I don’t know when the next time I can see you will be.”

“Yanyan… I’m sorry. I never took good care of you. When I die, can you bury me with your little brother?”

Shen Jiani intentionally made her situation sound terrible to make Huo Yanyan feel guilty.

“Okay, enough. I’ll try…” Huo Yanyan said and stood up to leave.

She didn’t know what she could do because her opponents were too strong. She was no match for both Huo Mian or Huo Siqian.

Her mother went too far this time. Huo Mian would not forgive her even if she kowtowed.

Huo Yanyan’s only bet now was Shen Mingxi.

After the visit, Huo Yanyan drove to the supermarket to get groceries.

That night after Shen Mingxi came home from work, he smelled delicious food as soon as he stepped in.

“Uncle Shen, you’re home!” Tiantian ran over and held onto Shen Mingxi’s hand.


“Oh, you’re back just in time. Dinner’s ready.”

Huo Yanyan was in a flowery apron. She held a plate of food in her hand as she came out of the kitchen.

Shen Mingxi looked at the table. There were eight dishes and one soup. Why was it so lavish?

“Is today some special day? You rarely cook…” Shen Mingxi calmly asked.

“I just thought we haven’t had a good meal together for a long time. You’ve been busy with work too so I thought I’d give Mr. Shen a treat,” Huo Yanyan said cutely.

“Yanyan, if it’s about your mother, don’t bother. I won’t help you, nor do I have that ability even if I would,” Shen Mingxi said as he took off his suit.



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