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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (17)

“The respected monk said that you two had saved the universe in your previous lives. That’s why you were able to reincarnate as the daughters of your mother.” Su Yu smiled.

“Hmph. It’s so obvious that’s not what the respected monk said.” Pudding pouted.

“Haha, I’m not kidding you. The respected monk said you two are lucky stars and will bring joy and luck to everyone around you.”

“Really?” Pudding was starting to buy into the theory.

“Of course. Do you think I would lie to you?”

“To be honest with you, Handsome Su, I really thought Little Bean and I were done for this time… That man, He Yongjun, was a true criminal. Little Bean hurt her head because of him. I tried very hard to force him to take Little Bean to the doctor. At that moment, I wanted to grow up immediately so I could personally beat him up.”

“So you two must learn karate so that you can fight back when you face bad guys.”

“Yeah, but we need to grow a little bit older. We’re only so big now so regardless of how strong we are, we’re still small.” Pudding sighed out of helplessness…

“Pudding, you’re really incredible already. You and Little Bean had been through so much already. If it were other children, they would have started crying from fear a long time ago. However, you guys were actually able to calmly negotiate with bandits,” Su Yu lauded.

“This isn’t anything. I just regret not being able to take Little Bean and escape much sooner. We were trapped for so many days, and Little Bean lost so much weight,” Pudding said caringly.

“Haha, when Little Bean eats too much, you scold her. Now you feel sorry for her?” Su Yu chuckled.

“That’s different. She’s my sister. I can say that about her but other people can’t,” Pudding said domineeringly.

“Yeah. You’re just as domineering as your mother,” Su Yu said as he saw Huo Mian’s shadow in Pudding.

“Handsome Su, I heard you and Nie Lingxuan have been pretty close recently?”

“Huh? Who did you hear that from? Is it that blabbermouth Tang Chuan?” Su Yu said speechlessly.

“I heard that she went to see you in the middle of the night. The person said he saw Nie Lingxuan come out. What’s happening? Are you playing around with female stars again?”

“Ahem… Is your Uncle Su that thirsty?” Su Yu almost choked.

“Not that. I don’t think you’re that thirsty. I think Nie Lingxuan’s pretty good. Compared to the other female actresses from your company, she’s more reliable. She’s Auntie Xixi’s biological sister. Little Bean and I talked about it. If you really want to date Nie Lingxuan, we fully support you. Handsome Su, you’re pretty high up there in age now, you need a girlfriend too.”

“No. She’s not my type. She’s nice but there’s no spark between us, so I don’t want to waste her time,” Su Yu refused.

From the looks of it, everyone highly rated Nie Lingxuan but Su Yu didn’t like her.

“Handsome Su, my mommy might not ever be with you. I hope you don’t waste your time on her.”

“I know you little brat. I don’t need you to remind me.” Su Yu smiled awkwardly.

“My mommy is pregnant again. Do you know? We’re going to have a new family member,” Pudding decided to tell this news to Su Yu.

“Yeah, I know.”

To her surprise, Su Yu had known this news days ago.

“Oh, you know?” Pudding said surprised.

“Only your father doesn’t know now,” Su Yu said with a gentle smile.

“Yeah, Mommy might want to surprise him. Daddy will be so happy if he finds out that Mommy is pregnant,” Pudding said.

“Pudding, do you hope for a little brother or a little sister?” Su Yu asked out of curiosity.



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