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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (19)

Huo Yanyan took off her sunglasses and threw it onto the table – she was very angry.

“What did I tell you? Did you listen to me?” Huo Yanyan asked.

“I was trying to avenge your little brother… That b*tch Huo Mian will be damned!” Shen Jiani still didn’t reflect and continued to hate on Huo Mian.

“You want revenge? Why don’t you look at your own strengths and ability? You’re an egg trying to break a rock…”

“Yanyan, I don’t have anything left now. Your Uncle Jun died… He died a horrible death… I witnessed how Qin Chu beat him to death.”

Shen Jiani still had feelings towards He Yongjun, or else she would not be so sad.

“So what? Isn’t it normal that Qin Chu would do such a thing? If someone kidnapped my children, I’d do the same. Also, He Yongjun wasn’t a good person from the first place. If you hang out with people like that, you won’t end well either.”

“Huo Yanyan. I am your mother. How can you speak to me like that?” Shen Jiani said hysterically.

“I am here because you are my mother! Otherwise, why do you think I would want to see you? You’re like Siyi. You both don’t listen… Life didn’t have to be so bad but the both of you sh-t up made it completely beyond salvageable. You had resources you could have used but you wasted it. Mom, you were smarter before. I always thought you were strong as you wheedled dad while countering Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian. Think about how you are now. Are you demented? Do you have a brain anymore?” Huo Yanyan said angrily as she warned her mother a long time ago not to hurt the twins but her mother didn’t listen. Now the situation was destitute and she did not know how to get her mother out of this mess.

“It’s easy for you to say. Who is it to blame that I am like this today? Isn’t it all because of those bastards Huo Mian and Huo Siqian? If they didn’t team up and bully me, would I need to run to Vietnam? You might not know what happened when we first arrived in Vietnam, but Siyi and I started out very difficult. We had no one there. I’m really scared of being poor. I thought I could get a lot of money this time and run away with Jun, but…” Shen Jiani said but started crying incessantly.

“Why don’t you think about whose children you’re kidnapping? You want to run away? You probably could run to hell!” Huo Yanyan was furious.

“Yanyan, you’re my only family in this world now. You can’t leave me… I don’t want to leave you and Tiantian.” Shen Jiani saw how mad her daughter was so she decided not to argue. Instead, she wanted to make Huo Yanyan pity her.

“Help you? How? Do you think I’m god?” Huo Yanyan turned her head and said angrily.

“If you can’t, go beg people in the Shen Family. They’re a strong family in this city. Shen Mingxi loves you so he won’t just leave you helpless like this. Yanyan, I beg of you… Can you help me? I think I can push all the crimes to Jun. Can you get me a good lawyer? We can appeal. Then, I’d most likely just be an accomplice and be sentenced to a few years. You can ask Shen Mingxi to help me. Just say my health is weak and I need to be medically treated outside of jail… That way, I can leave the country…”

Shen Jiani was still daydreaming even now.



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