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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (3)

“Shen Mingxi, do you have a f*cking heart? She’s my mother! My biological mother!”

“So what if she’s your mother? Haven’t you seen what she’s done?”

This was the first time Shen Mingxi shouted at Huo Yanyan with such a loud voice.

“My mother just wants to avenge my brother. She has her own difficulties…” Huo Yanyan cried.

“Avenge? Psh. Even if she doesn’t know what happened, shouldn’t you know? Huo Siqian’s the one to blame for your brother’s death, so what does his death have to do with Huo Mian? Yanyan, I know you were spoiled as a rich girl but you were kind. You weren’t like Wei Ying, who was willing to do anything to get what she wanted, including malicious things. But now, it looks like I was wrong…”

“Shen Mingxi, what do you mean by this?” Huo Yanyan was also incredibly angry. What Shen Mingxi said made her even more unhappy.

“Take what I said literally. I just want to say your mother shouldn’t kidnap Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s children. How old are the twins? Yanyan, you’re a mother too. Do you remember who saved you when Tiantian was kidnapped by Huo Siqian? You can’t be a person with no heart.”

“I don’t have a heart? You’re saying I don’t have a heart?” Huo Yanyan pointed at Shen Mingxi and cried. She obviously did not agree with him.

Shen Mingxi looked at her with disappointment but did not utter another word.

“Let me tell you this, Shen Mingxi. Don’t overestimate yourself and think you understand me well. How do you know I didn’t try to persuade my mom not to do it? I tried to help but it was useless. My mother doesn’t have a choice now either. She’s being controlled by He Yongjun. Do you know that He Yongjun is an evil criminal? Do you know how many people he has killed? He kills people like squishing ants… Tiantian and I were almost killed by him as well. Everyone is selfish. I’m not selfless enough to sacrifice myself to save Mian’s children!” Huo Yanyan spoke as if she was perfectly right.

“What about after you left? Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you call the police?” Shen Mingxi asked.

“Psh. Call the police and capture who? My own mother? You want me to betray my own mother?” Huo Yanyan scoffed.

“Even if you don’t call the police, you should at least tell Huo Mian. Everyone is looking for the twins and you feel nothing? When you came back that day, you seemed not present. I asked you what happened but you kept saying everything was fine. You even threatened Tiantian so that she won’t tell anyone.”

“I can’t believe you used my child to get information. You’re just trying to suck up to Qin Chu and Su Yu. Shen Mingxi, you’re despicable!”

Huo Yanyan picked up a porcelain vase on the cabinet beside her and threw it onto the floor to express her anger.

With the loud shattering, Shen Mingxi’s perception of Huo Yanyan being difficult grew stronger.

“Yanyan, how long have you been with me? Do you not understand me? Do you think I’ll whistle-blow and hurt your mother because I’m trying to rope someone? Let me tell you this. If the twins are hurt, not only your mom and that man will suffer terribly, but you and I will also be blamed…” Shen Mingxi shouted.

“Haha, so all in all, you’re just scared of death.”

“Yes. I’m scared of death. I’m terrified. Yes, you’re brave. Your whole family is brave. First your brother then your mother. Sooner or later, you’re going to follow their footsteps in this unreturnable path… Such fools…” Shen Mingxi scolded Huo Yanyan for being dumb.


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