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(To Be Honest, I’m a Good Person (9)

“Big Brother Qian…” Zhang Manlin said ingratiatingly.

“Lin-Lin, where are you?”

“I… um… I’m not sure. I can’t tell you the coordinates of the place. I’m deep in the mountains. My cell phone has poor reception.”

“Oh. I’ll make it brief. I have bad news for you.”

“What’s it?”

“You’re now a wanted criminal…”

“What? A wanted criminal?” Zhang Manlin was scared.

“Big Brother Qian… Hehe. Are you joking?”

“When did I ever joke with you?” Huo Siqian was serious.

“How… how did I become a wanted criminal?”

Zhang Manlin was stupefied.

“I guess they caught He Yongjun and Shen Jiani and they confessed that they had seen you on the way. Huo Mian hates you and insists that it was you who kidnapped the kids from Shen Jiani and her partner. Since you didn’t call the police or Qin Chu, they think you’re up to no good.”

“I… my goodness. How can they do this to me?”

Zhang Manlin was cheerfully preparing to bring the twins home, but the situation changed suddenly.

“Don’t worry. Listen to me. Go south and I’ll send people to pick you up.”

“Big Brother Qian, I… I don’t want to go to jail.” Zhang Manlin was stupefied by fear.

“Don’t worry. I won’t sit back and watch you go to jail. Listen to me and drive south. I checked your position; you’re only 70 miles away from Qinghe Town.”

“Okay. I’ll drive to Qinghe Town first.”

Worriedly, Zhang Manlin hung up.

Meanwhile, the twins were whispering.

“Sis, do you believe Zhang Manlin?” Little Bean asked.

“No. But we have no choice. Things can be worse. She’s right. If those two bastards catch up with us, we’d be dead.”

“But we can find an opportunity to kill her and run by ourselves.”

“Can you drive?” Pudding asked her.

Little Bean shook her head.

“Then that’s that. We can’t drive. How can we go home?”

“There’re villages around here. We can get help from the villagers.” Little Bean wanted to kill Zhang Manlin and venture into the depths of the mountains with her sister.

“No. We might meet people even worse than Zhang Manlin, then we’d be in big trouble. Zhang Manlin only wants to seduce our dad. We can deal with her after we get home. I’m not worried about her; I just don’t want more surprises.”

Pudding thought deeper than Little Bean.

“Fine. Sis, let’s do as you say. I hope… this woman won’t play games with us,” Little Bean said.

“Don’t worry. After we get to Qinghe Town, we can report our location to Dad with another communication tool; then we’ll get home soon. I think it won’t take long for a helicopter to come here.”


The sisters finished talking and went back into the car.

At this moment, Zhang Manlin’s expression had changed; obviously, she didn’t look as pleased as before.

A few seconds ago, she found she had become a wanted criminal. It totally ruined her plan.

Huo Family Mansion –

“Boss, what will Zhang Manlin do with the kids? Will she kill them?” Ah-Cheng asked Huo Siqian.


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