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(One Mistake Leads to More Mistakes (9)

Qin Chu: “…”

“Honey, if you’re like this, we can’t be friends anymore…” Qin Chu said with a serious look.

Huo Mian looked at how cute he was and laughed out loud.

“How can you laugh at a time like this? Are you trying to dump a bucket of dirty water on your own husband?” Qin Chu said dully.

“No. I’m just teasing you…”

“It’s not funny at all…” Qin Chu took it to heart.

“Okay, okay. We’ve been too tense for the past couple of days. Now that you told me that, I feel a lot more relief. If the twins are with Zhang Manlin, they should be safe. I also think…” Huo Mian intentionally paused.

“What do you think?” Qin Chu did not understand what Huo Mian was trying to say.

“I’m thinking that Zhang Manlin might be mentally-scarred after this from being played by our smart twins…” Huo Mian said happily.

“That is extremely likely,” Qin Chu agreed.

The twins were physically small and weak but they were very smart. Even adults couldn’t beat them in terms of their fast thinking.

“When the kids come back this time, I need to increase security!”

“How? Get more bodyguards?” Huo Mian tried to guess what was on Qin Chu’s mind.

“No. No matter how many bodyguards there are, when they face danger, they will be on their own. I will get them a good karate teacher to teach them from a young age.”

“Good idea, but would it be too tiring for them,” Huo Mian said as she loved her daughters very much.

“It’s okay if they’re a little tired as long as they are safe.”


“You have to train with them too.”

“Mr. Qin, what does this have to do with me?” Huo Mian asked innocently.

“I’m worried about you too. You’re also weak.”

“I am a doctor! I have my anesthetics.”

“No. With people like Ian, anesthetics don’t work,” Qin Chu said.

“Karate won’t be useful either. Why don’t you teach me how to use an AK-47?” Huo Mian said calmly.

“Good idea…”

“You…” Huo Mian was speechless after listening to Qin Chu’s response.

“Mian, do you know who’s the strongest lone fighter I know?” Qin Chu suddenly asked.

“Do I get a prize if I get it right?” Huo Mian smiled sweetly.


“Should be my sister Yan,” Huo Mian said.

“You are smart.” Qin Chu nodded.

“Huh? I got it right first guess, eh! That girl is like the wind. Even a person like Ian hasn’t been able to capture her for years. Just from that, you can tell how strong she was.”

“Yeah. When I was in the States, I found a video of Lu Yan when she attended West Point. She was fighting with her bare hands. She looks so small and weak but she fought off seven people. Those seven people weren’t just ordinary people either. They were her classmates at West Point, and two of them were champions of karate and boxing.”

“Wow. She’s that strong?” Huo Mian only knew that Lu Yan was a legend.

Although she didn’t know how the underworld operated, she was still able to understand how strong Lu Yan was from how Qin Chu talked about her.

Qin Chu rarely praised anyone so Lu Yan was definitely very strong.

“Yeah. I must admit your family’s genes are very strong. More precisely, Professor Lu and Professor Lin Ya’s genes are very strong.”

“Professor Lin Ya… She’s my mom but Yan and Dad never talked about her. They won’t tell me where she is. I really want to see her,” Huo Mian said in a low voice.

“I investigated back then too,” Qin Chu said seriously.

“Oh! Did you get anything?” Huo Mian’s eyes lit up with hope.


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