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(To Be Honest, I’m a Good Person (5)

Surprisingly, Zhang Manlin’s phone was out of service when Qin Chu tried to call her…

“Anything?” Huo Mian asked anxiously.

“The call’s not going through.” Qin Chu put down his phone.

“Do you know who sent in the anonymous video?” Huo Mian turned to Gao Ran.

“I don’t. We can’t trace it, but from the angle of the camera, it looks like it’s was recorded from the front and from a close distance,” Gao Ran analyzed.

“Then that means that the camera’s inside the car… the video is so clear… Zhang Manlin’s only an accountant in our hospital and she’s definitely not getting rich from that. This car… looks beyond her means…”

“It’s a Mercedes-Benz GLK,” said Qin Chu.

Su Yu recognized the car as well. As a man, he was well-versed in cars and could recognize a brand from the logo above the steering wheel and the interior details.

Qin Chu answered before him, however; Su Yu had to admit that Qin Chu was faster.

“Mercedes-Benz… yeah, there’s no way Zhang Manlin can afford a car like that… but she looks like she’s been driving that car for a while now… If I’m not wrong, it’s probably Huo Siqian…”

“What are you saying, Mian?” Gao Ran was still confused.

“If Zhang Manlin has the kids, Huo Siqian’s probably behind all of this. That’s why she’s too scared to answer the phone now.”

“Gao Ran, order a province-wide manhunt. Although we can’t connect to Zhang Manlin’s phone, it’s still on her and we can track her using GPS.”

“Alright.” Gao Ran nodded in agreement with Qin Chu’s detailed plan.

“Shen Jiani and He Yongjun probably haven’t gotten too far. Arrest them… arrest all of them… I’m going to make every one of them pay.” Qin Chu tried his best to suppress his rage but the fire in his heart was burning hotter and hotter.

He didn’t care who had the kids; once it was all over, he would give all of them hell.

His daughters were only three and a half years old and the fact that they were out in the middle of nowhere and suffering broke Qin Chu’s heart into a million pieces.

Even the strongest fathers had their weaknesses; for Qin Chu, Huo Mian and the twins were his only weaknesses.

“I hope our daughters are alright.” Huo Mian put her hands together, sitting in a praying position.

“Nothing will happen to them… Mian… everything will be over soon.” Qin Chu held her tightly in his arms.

Next to them, Su Yu had his head down and his teeth gritted; he was so worried…

Although they had a lead, no one knew what conditions the twins were in. Were they hurt? Were they traumatized?

The news of He Yongjun’s involvement frightened everyone, but no one dared to voice their fears.

Zhang Manlin was now too tired to drive, so she looked for another remote village for a rest.

She abandoned her plan to go home, as she was too afraid of Shen Jiani catching up to her. She was also scared of putting her family in danger.

So, she continued driving into the mountains…

She found a small village by the river and stopped her car. She then opened the trunk and took out some bread and water.

In the back seat, the twins sat quietly. They had been awake for a while now but were not screaming or crying.

“Come, have some food.” Zhang Manlin passed over some bread and water.

“Miss Zhang, why didn’t you call my Daddy? Did you forget about our conversation?” Pudding stared at Zhang Manlin coldly, interrogating her.


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