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(My Wife is a Genius (20)

He had lived in the mountains ever since he was little and had never gone to school. He just spent his time mucking around with his gang.

They spent their days eating and drinking, often going into small towns and demanding protection money and the like from the residents.

When he had grown up, a few of them thought about building a bandit den.

Despite the term “bandit den”, Big Brother Hai didn’t do any big deals or heinous crimes.

All they did was stop nice cars that were driving by from time to time, and find some money to spend.

This time, there was actually a reason for the car robbery.

It is because in this gang, there was a kid named Er’Hei who was seeing a girl from a nearby village.

The girl’s family wanted 100,000 yuan as a wedding gift, otherwise, they wouldn’t agree to their marriage.

According to Big Brother Hai, all he needed to do was just force the wedding and steal away with the girl.

But because Er’Hei said that they were truly in love, he didn’t want to cause any problems for the girl. Instead, he wanted to come up with the 100,000 yuan on his own.

So a few of them thought about it and decided to go for broke and pull a big heist.

They never thought that they would make such a huge profit off of their very first job.

Truthfully, Big Brother Hai hadn’t seen much of the outside world, so when Zhang Manlin finished talking to them, they were excited.

But inside, he also felt nervous and scared.

Notably, if you were arrested by the police for carjacking and minor robbery, you could be sentenced to jail for several years, and with a more severe sentence, for over ten years.

But for kidnapping, it was completely different.

Although this group of guys from the countryside didn’t really know much about the law, they knew from watching a lot of TV that this was a big crime.

Now, having listened to Little Bean, he felt a little creeped out.

“I actually have an idea, if you’re willing to consider it,” Little Bean said.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Big Beard, what do you think of me?” Little Bean asked.

“You? You’re brave, and I’m quite fond of you. What about you become my godchild?” Big Brother Hai held her in high regard.

“Don’t try that nonsense on me, it won’t work. I mean, even though I’m just a kid, do you think I’m smart?”

“Yes, a kid genius.” It was true that Big Brother Hai had never seen anyone’s child who could talk so much at just a little older than three years old, and with so much logic.

If anyone were to run into a child-like Little Bean in the mountains, they would probably think she was some kind of fairy.

“So, you could say that my words are trustworthy, right?” Little Bean continued.

“Yes. Go ahead, let’s hear it.” Big Brother Hai looked quite serious.

“Big Beard, I’ll give you a way out. Since you haven’t hurt or mistreated me or my sister, all you have to do is call my daddy and let them pick us up. Then you guys will become our saviors. Then, once we are safely at home, we won’t send the police after you, and I can ask my daddy to help take care of the petty crimes on your record, and let bygones be bygones. What’s more, I can have my dad give each of you a house to live in C City, a car, and most importantly, a job. Do you know why I want you guys to have jobs?” Little Bean asked.

Big Beard shook his head, looking confused.

“As the old saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Teaching you to fish is better than if I just gave you a fish because one day all the fish will be eaten up. But if I teach you how to fish, you can catch more and more fish on your own. In the end, you’ll have as much fish as you want. Which do you think is better?”

As Little Bean said this, she pointed out her chubby little fingers and poked the tip of Big Beard’s nose.

“So you finding us jobs is also for our own good?” After listening to Little Bean, it seemed like Big Beard was finally beginning to understand.



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