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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (12)

“My daughter has promised that you and your brothers will each receive a house that’s at least 100 square meters within C City. Not only that, everyone will receive a mid-tier sedan, as well as a stable job.”

“Yes, yes, yes, that was what it was,” Hai immediately recalled the conversation upon hearing Qin Chu’s words.

“A house, a car… oh my gosh, a house in C City is very expensive. A hundred square meters will probably be worth millions!” Big Brother Hai’s subordinates felt struck. After all, they grew up in the mountains and had not seen much of the world. To them, a flourishing big city like C City was like heaven.

“Given the fact that my daughters have not been harmed and were only in captivity for two days here without experiencing any harassment, I’ve decided to give an additional one million yuan to each of you.”

“A million yuan? Cash??” Big Brother Hai was also dumbstruck and couldn’t believe that he had profited from simply doing nothing.

“But, finding a job might be a bit difficult. After all, you guys don’t have the educational background and lack specialized skills…” Qin Chu pondered.

“That’s unnecessary, Mr. Qin. I think we can look for one slowly ourselves,” At the thought of having a house, a car, and a million yuan in cash, Hai was in no rush to find a job.

“But my daughter is correct; you guys are not specialized in anything. By the time you guys finish spending the cash, there’d be nothing left. How about this, you guys can come to my company and get security training. You can then work for the security department as a security guard for the company. Our company benefits will pay you six thousand each month. It’s not very high, but in comparison, it’s very stable. Why don’t you guys think about it? I won’t force it if you are reluctant. But, everything that my daughter has promised, I will make sure it’s fulfilled.”

“Thanks, Mr. Qin. We’ll discuss this matter on our own time with my bros… Also, as for the things we did in the past…” Hai was worried that he may be arrested for the previous crimes he has committed.

“I will take care of it for you guys, don’t worry about it. But, one thing I must highlight is, if you continue to break the law afterward, it will be none of my business.”

“Yes, yes, yes, of course. We will definitely not do it again, who would break the law when they already have the money?” Big Brother Hai felt his heart blossom in happiness. Who would have thought a verbal agreement with a kid would be fulfilled? Not only that, there was an additional million yuan in cash… He was so happy that he could die.

“Alright, since we’ve addressed your matters, where’s the woman?” Qin Chu didn’t forget about Zhang Manlin.

“She’s also a victim, and we brought her here. Please don’t hurt her,” Trickster quickly chimed in, feeling worried about Zhang Manlin’s situation since she did give him her virginity.

Qin Chu scanned his face without much emotion and didn’t say anything.

“Go, bring the woman,” Big Brother Hai commanded.

Initially, Zhang Manlin remained rather calm. But, as soon as she noticed the vast number of people standing behind Qin Chu, she began to panic.

At this time, one step and a time, Little Bean and Pudding closed in on Zhang Manlin. In fear, Zhang Manlin’s face turned pale.

“Daddy, this time, we must thank Miss Zhang. She kindly rescued us from the two bad guys, so you must thank her properly,” Pudding said.

“Yes, Daddy. Miss Zhang is a rather nice person, there’s been a misunderstanding in the past,” Little Bean chimed along.

Qin Chu walked over and glanced at Zhang Manlin without a word.

Zhang Manlin felt her body tighten and didn’t dare toA look at Qin Chu in the eyes. But, she couldn’t help but wonder why the twins made those remarks?



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