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(Walking Further and Further Down the Road to Demise (4)

“I can’t tell you too much but remember what I said. It’s for your own good,” Liu Ze said. Then he turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

“Goodbye Huo Mian,” Liu Ze mumbled in a voice so small that Huo Mian could not hear.

Huo Mian thought about what Liu Ze said. She thought it was strange but she couldn’t pinpoint what was so strange about it.

Liu Ze knew something that she didn’t but there was no way she would actively ask him.

When Huo Mian went back to her office, Chen Jie made her a cup of coffee.

“Mian, take a break. You haven’t stopped since you came to work this morning.”

“Yeah, no worries. It’s fulfilling for a workaholic like me… If I was free, then it would be more tiring.” Huo Mian smiled as she picked up the cup of coffee.

“Jie, what’s Ni Yang up to these days? There were too many people at the gathering yesterday so I couldn’t ask him.”

“He’s chill. He has his little brother over for games sometimes. On other days, he goes out with friends for food and drinks.”

“No one’s persuading him to pick up a drama or do a concert?” Huo Mian asked curiously.

“Yeah, there are tons of phone calls every day. We’re used to them. He doesn’t want to be so overworked and I don’t want him to be so stressed either.”

“Yeah, young people nowadays are all too busy. If there’s an opportunity to slow down and reflect about life, it’s pretty good.”

“Um… Big Sister Mian…” Chen Jie said hesitantly.

“Yes. What is it, Jie?”

“Is Zhang Manlin really not going to work here anymore and go to President Qin’s company?”

“Mhm.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Really? I thought it was just a rumor… I heard a lot of people in the hospital talk about this. They said that Zhang Manlin posted on WeChat showing off.”

“Okay,” Huo Mian said calmly as she continued to sip her coffee.

“Mian, you know that woman is terrible. Why are you allowing it? Even if President Qin didn’t think it through well, you should know better.”

“Pudding’s the one that didn’t think it through well then. Pudding is the one that promised her the job.”

“What? Pudding?” Chen Jie asked in confusion.

“Although Zhang Manlin is a bit annoying, nor do I like her, she still deserves some praise for what she did this time. If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have been able to save our children so quickly. She’s still our daughters’ lifesaver, so if she wants to work at GK, then we’ll just let her.”

“Aren’t you afraid that she has romantic feelings for President Qin? If she succeeds, then there’s a big problem.”

“If I was scared of that, then I might need to fire all female employees there. Haha, it’s not like that. Don’t worry.” Huo Mian smiled.

“I don’t think you should let her work there,” Chen Jie said. For the first time, she thought Huo Mian was being overconfident.

Even if President Qin wasn’t a guy to cheat, he might not be able to withstand the long-term seduction.

What men were afraid of most were those women who had no morals nor a bottom line… Those women were willing to do anything.

Chen Jie tried to persuade Huo Mian but as she saw that Huo Mian did not listen to her, she quietly left Huo Mian’s office in disappointment.

After Chen Jie left, Huo Mian sat up straight in front of her desk while sipping her coffee. Then, she looked at a corner of her room with a strange look.

He probably had heard everything she had just said.

In GK Corporation’s headquarters, Zhang Manlin had reported to work. She was in a very good mood.

She never expected it would be so easy to get into the GK Corporation. To her surprise, she was now Qin Chu’s assistant. This was the dream job for many women.

“Zhang Manlin,” a man shouted from behind.




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