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(Let’s See Who’s More of a B*tch (26)

“What happened to Little Bean?” Gao Boyuan had his eyes glued to the television, watching some superhero cartoons.

At the mention of Little Bean, however, he immediately turned around and fixed his eyes on his father, nervous as could be.

“You haven’t heard anything about Little Bean? Not even a little? Your mom really didn’t tell you anything?” Gao Ran continued to test the waters.

“Dad… what’s gotten into you? Why are you being so wishy-washy? Spit it out already! Look at Uncle Qin Chu! He never wastes any time!”

“Hey! You little brat, don’t talk to your father like this! Who’s the grownup here?”

Understandably, Gao Ran was annoyed by the scolding he had just received from his son.

“Dad, stop stalling, cut to the chase. What happened to Little Bean? Did Auntie Huo Mian teach her a lesson?” Gao Boyuan took a guess.

“No, something much more serious.”

Hearing that it was something serious, Gao Boyuan turned off the television and scooted closer to his father.

“Hurry and tell me, Dad, stop stalling…”

“Ahem… alright, then I’ll tell you. Stay calm, okay?”

“Yes, yes, go ahead. I’ll stay calm.” Gao Boyuan was more than anxious.

Gao Ran looked back at the kitchen with shifty eyes as if he had something to hide.

Seeing that the coast was clear, he turned to his son and lowered his voice, “Son, Little Bean is missing.”

“What?!” Gao Boyuan raised his voice.

“Lower your voice. Don’t let your mother hear you. She told me not to tell you. She didn’t want you to worry.” Gao Ran put his index finger on his lips.

“Dad, are you joking around? I’m warning you, April Fools is long over; if you’re tricking me, I’m not going to forgive you.”

Gao Boyuan was clearly doubtful.

“When have I ever lied to you?” Gao Ran clapped back.

“Then… then… what happened? How are they lost? What about Pudding?”

“They got lost together. They’re both lost.”

“My God! Does Wei Yunchu know about this?” Gao Boyuan asked.

“How would I know if Wei Yunchu knows about this? Why do you care?” Gao Ran rolled his eyes.

“Holy moly! This is so important! Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“I haven’t got the chance to see you until now. I’ve been flying around the past couple of days…”

“Dad, from where were they kidnapped? For how long have they been kidnapped? Was it even a kidnapping? Or was it an abduction? Or did they just get lost? What type of case is this?”

Gao Boyuan was definitely the son of a policeman, logical as ever. He asked a slew of important questions.

Unfortunately, Gao Ran wasn’t equipped with the answers.

“It’s not looking too good right now. It’s been 24 hours already. Your Uncle Qin and Auntie Huo Mian are losing their minds over this. We’ve been searching high and low but there’s no lead. We’re not sure if it’s a kidnapping or an abduction.”

“Dad, what kind of a cop are you? How could you not find any leads on a case like this?” Gao Boyuan began to blame his father.

“I’m more worried than you, little brat! It’s not that I’m an incapable cop. It’s that this case is truly complex, all smoke and mirrors. We’re thinking that it’s one of their enemies. Your Uncle Qin’s status makes him an automatic target for many people, so…”

“If it’s their enemy, aren’t they in great danger?” Gao Boyuan’s expression changed.

“Yes, very dangerous. That’s why we’re all very worried.”

“What’s the point of being worried? Go and look for them!” Gao Boyuan stood up on the sofa, pointing his little fingers at his father.

“We’ve been looking… we’ve never stopped looking…”

“Eat, the two of you.” Zhu Lingling walked out of the kitchen with two bowls of ramen.

Gao Boyuan jumped off the sofa, grabbed his school bag, and was ready to run out the door.

“Son, where are you going?” Zhu Lingling was surprised.


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