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(The Bitch’s Demise Will Be Terrible (5)

“Why are you asking this?” Big Brother Hai raised his head and looked up at Trickster.

“Ha, I was just asking for the hell of it.”

“I have my own views on the matter. You guys don’t have to concern yourselves with it.”

“Boss, when should we call, then? Didn’t those two little runts already give us their old man’s number? Hand it over. I have no problem asking for money, haha.” A simple-minded underling raised his hand and volunteered.

“Screw off. Look at you, you can’t even speak clearly and you want to demand money from a big boss,” Big Brother Hai scolded.


“Oh right. Boss, how much money do we want? Is it really one billion? My God, I’ve never seen so much money in my life, how do we spend it… If it’s a billion, we have a total of six people here. The five of us can just take one hundred million each. Boss, you have taken care of us over the past few years, so you can take the biggest cut, five hundred million. Does anyone have any opinions?” Another one of them jokingly egged him on.

“Of course not, let’s just settle it, Big Boss gets five hundred million, the rest of us each get one hundred million.”

As Big Brother Hai watched this exchange, he was not looking forward to telling the truth. He suddenly thought of the child’s words last night.

“Will you guys even live long enough to spend that much money?”

Exactly. Sometimes having a lot of money wasn’t necessarily a good thing. It could even lead to unexpected problems.

“Boss, what are you thinking about? Do you have something on your mind?”

“It’s nothing. When you guys are done eating, get right back to work. You two, go watch the two kids. The two of you, go check on the woman… and you, Trickster, go to the entrance and keep watch. Pay close attention and see if there is any movement outside. We don’t want our hideout to come under attack when we’re not expecting it.”

“Yes, Boss.”

After breakfast, everyone dispersed. Big Brother Hai sat on his chair and closed his eyes.

Once a person must decide his own destiny, he will appear indecisive.

Big Brother Hai himself was just a misfit, a small-time gangster. So, when it came for him to actually do a bigger heist, he didn’t have enough confidence to go through with it.

Repeatedly thinking about what the child told him last night, he thought about the group of bros in front of him and how they were all already getting on in age.

They were all from poor families in the nearby villages. Life wasn’t easy, If they weren’t forced to, they wouldn’t be doing this kind of shady business.

On the one hand, they could take the money and be pursued, on the run as a wanted criminal, living a shameful existence.

Even if they were to leave the country, it may not be a paradise. A group of hicks from the countryside might have a hard time adjusting, especially to the language.

On the other hand, they could be good people, call the children’s father directly and have him pick them up, then accept the father’s reward.

Of course, it sounded like the second was better and safer…

But the question now was, how could he trust the child?

He would have to believe that after they go back, their parents wouldn’t freak out on them and send them all to the police station.

This was key…

The trust between people was actually very fragile…

Meanwhile, after experiencing the power of Huo Mian’s explosives, He Yongjun and Shen Jiani, who were hiding in the depths of the mountains, were eventually forced out of hiding.

Huo Mian had added just the right amount of anesthetic so that they couldn’t move, but they didn’t lose consciousness.

So when the armed police soldiers escorted the two of them, Shen Jiani saw Huo Mian and was shocked.

“They’ve finally been caught, those bastards… They made me have to send all these men after them. Thanks for all your hard work, everyone!” Gao Ran waved his hand with gratitude at the soldiers who had come to provide assistance.

“Director Gao, we’ll hand them over to you now. You can take them back directly,” Platoon Leader Zhang Bin said.

“Okay, put them in the police car.” Gao Ran gestured with a large wave.

“Wait a minute,” Qin Chu suddenly said coldly.



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