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In the morning, the first thing Ning Xi did after she woke up was to go to Glory World Entertainment to report the good news about the decision on the script to Ling Zhizhi.

Very coincidentally, Ling Zhizhi had good news on her end too.

Payroll time!

"Salary's out so soon?" Ning Xi said, pleasantly surprised.

"Mmm, because the live stream of you and Jiang Muye's game went so well last night, the gaming company was very satisfied and brought forward the payout date," Ling Zhizhi explained.

Ning Xi exclaimed, overjoyed, "That's wonderful!" There and then, she decided not to hit Jiang Muye anymore.

"It should have been banked in already, check your account later," Ling Zhizhi said.

"Okay!" Ning Xi replied when she received a new message. Coincidentally, it was a message from the bank about the transfer of the salary. "Sis Zhizhi, I've received it!"

Ling Zhizhi laughed, "Excellent, it's a good thing you don't have work today. You should go out and relax!"

Leng Manyun used to be too cool for her own good. Especially after she became famous, she was so depressed that nothing could pique neither her interest nor passion. When she saw Ning Xi's energetic demeanor, Ling Zhizhi, who was tired of being in the entertainment circle for so many years, suddenly started to be moved.

Ning Xi nodded, "Thank you, Sis Zhizhi. Thank you to the company!"

After she left, Ning Xi returned to the apartment first.

The first thing she did was dig out two bank account numbers, and inserted 100,000 dollars into one, and 50,000 into the other.

Very quickly, the phone rang.

Ning Xi happily picked it up, "Hello, Director Tao! Have you been well?"

A senior woman replied from the other end, "I'm good, I'm good. We're all good over here! Miss Ning Xi, did you bank in money to the orphanage again?"

Ning Xi nodded, "Yeah, I got my salary!"

The voice on the other end of the phone was anxious, "But it is too much this time! 100,000 dollars! I know you love the kids, but you need to save some for yourself too!"

"Don't worry, Director, I still have a lot with me. I didn't donate it all! Just use it, it's going to be winter very soon. Buy some clothes and cotton blankets for the children!"

"Haih, I'll accept it then. I thank you on behalf of the kids! You should take care of yourself too, don't work too hard and be too tired now!"

"I know, thank you, Director!"


Ning Xi's heart felt warm after she hung up.

She had started donating to this orphanage since five years ago. It was too bad she did not have much savings previously, but now she could finally contribute more.

The other 50,000 dollars were banked into her foster parents' account. She still felt guilty that she had not returned home all these years. She did not bank in more because she knew that they definitely would not accept too much.

She calculated that she had half of her spokesperson fee left, which was 150,000 dollars, just enough for her explore.

From her financial management standpoint, she always prioritized giving back instead of her savings. Usually, when the money got into her hands, she would use it up really quickly, only leaving some for food.

She incidentally looked at the calendar and noticed that it was going to be grandfather's birthday very soon...

Never mind, she should buy the birthday present first and be patient for a little longer.

The Ning family was wealthy after all and although the old man was not very close to his granddaughter like other grandfathers, he still cared very much about her.

Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu were embarrassed by her lack of etiquette and they blamed and detested her. Only her old grandfather would privately correct her mistakes one by one. Even though he was strict, he had her best interests at heart.

After she had left home, her grandfather had tried to advise her to go home numerously, but sadly, she could not obey the old man's wishes...

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