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(It Couldn't Be...His Wife?)

" you want to continue moving forward?" Cheng Feng asked carefully.

The seething look that turned on him instead was a clear indication that he had better not.

Lu Tingxiao ice cold eyes shot daggers at him.

Cheng Feng immediately shut up and stopped asking stupid questions, just continuing to drive...

"Shangze, later when my friend who's picking me up comes over, don't call me "Boss", just call me by my name!" Ning Xi reminded Gong Shangze.

She was in front of the Big Boss after all, and to be called "Boss" by someone else would be a little shameless!

"Okay, understood!" Gong Shangze obediently answered.

Because Ning Xi was busy looking for her phone in her bag, she did not notice that a black car had quietly rolled up beside her.

The door opened with Cheng Feng alighting first. He walked quickly to open the door of the back seat and out came a pair of long legs.

When the man got down from the car, the atmosphere around seemed to have dropped a few degrees colder.

Gong Shangze looked at the cool man opposite him and sensed danger. Out of his protective reflexes, he subconsciously pulled the unbothered Ning Xi closer to him...

However, this very action was followed by waves of tension emanating from the man in front and the air was frigid.

Gong Shangze felt a shudder travel through his body and even his palms started to sweat...

This man...what was up with him?

Ning Xi finally found her phone and after turning it on, she looked for Lu Tingxiao's number and immediately called him. As she telephoned him, a familiar ringtone rang opposite of her.

Ning Xi was shocked and she looked up to see the stony Lu Tingxiao in front of her...

"Lu...Lu Tingxiao..." Ning Xi subconsciously mumbled, then rubbed her eyes, thinking that her vision might have failed her.

At this moment, behind Lu Tingxiao, Cheng Feng nervously covered his face, prepared for an explosion.

When she had confirmed that the person in front of her was really Lu Tingxiao, clear joy spread across the girl's face. She happily skipped over and greeted, "Big Boss! It really is you! I thought I was mistaken! I was just calling you!"

Gong Shangze did not think that Ning Xi would ever be acquainted with someone who looked obviously dangerous and unfriendly from the first glance. He could not help but be slightly shocked, "Bo...Xiao Xi, you guys know each other?"

Cheng Feng sharply noticed the man's words, "Bo[1]...", hmm? It couldn't be...this man's wife, could it?

The lady boss had only gone overseas for a short period of time. Had she started secretly dating already?

This was a nightmare...

If Cheng Feng had caught on to it, obviously Lu Tingxiao would have realized it too and his expression instantly fell flat...

While Lu Tingxiao and Cheng Feng had thought of something way beyond the truth, Ning Xi was still oblivious as she enthusiastically pulled Gong Shangze over to introduce him, "Shangze, this is my boss's boss's boss, Lu Tingxiao...the point is, he's my biggest Big Boss, my friend, and my mentor!"

Lu Tingxiao's expression did not change at all. In fact, it darkened further.

Even though Ning Xi had introduced him as someone of importance, obviously none of those labels were what he wanted to be known as.

Gong Shangze was in a dilemma when he heard this. His boss's how should he address him?

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lu," Gong Shangze finally greeted courteously.

"Mmm." Lu Tingxiao had to struggle to maintain his gentlemanly demeanor. He nodded slightly by way of greeting.




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