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(The Lady Boss Brought A Strange Man Back)

On the second day, Ning Xi took Gong Shangze on the flight home.

On the flight, Gong Shangze stared out of the window. "I thought...that I'd never be able to go home again in this lifetime..."

Ning Xi leaned her head onto her hand and shook her leg, "Hurhur, now we're flying right back! Even if that guy has stolen many of your design drafts, he will still use them up one day, and what we have is an endless treasure chest in that mind of yours!"

Gong Shangze's initially gloominess was easily perked up just by looking at the girl who was in high spirits beside him and he nodded. "Mmm!"

After that incident, he had hated the entire world, hated the unfairness that life doled out to him, and even hated himself. With such negative emotions roiling about in his heart, don't even talk about continuing to design, his entire being turned useless.

He would never have thought that on such an ordinary afternoon, he would meet someone as miraculous as her.

His coincidentally meeting her suddenly had relieved him of all hardships and unfairness.

His brain which had become dormant for far too long suddenly became active again...

Gong Shangze quickly took out his notebook and started to sketch speedily, recording his inspiration...

Ning Xi was shocked and said, "Eh, you already have inspiration so soon?"

"I suddenly thought of a theme!" Gong Shangze said enthusiastically.

As she watched the eyes of the boy beside her shine and look entirely different from before, Ning Xi was stunned, then she laughed and asked, "What's the theme?"


On the plane, Ning Xi and Gong Shangze discussed design inspirations and the operations of the studio. They roughly decided on the blueprint for the days to come.

When the plane reached China, it was already late at night. The Imperial had recently been rainy and the temperature at night was really low.

As soon as Ning Xi walked out of the airport, the freezing cold wind that greeted her made her sneeze.

Gong Shangze who noticed this quickly took off his coat and put it on Ning Xi's shoulders. "Boss, careful not to fall sick!"

"Thank you!" Ning Xi said gratefully.

"Boss, should we get a car? We shouldn't wait for a taxi out here at this hour."

"No need for that, someone's coming over to pick us up. Hold on, let me make a call!" Ning Xi said as she took out her phone from her purse.

She wasn't sure whether the Big Boss had arrived or not...

Not too far away, a black Maybach car was slowly driving over.

Cheng Feng who was at the wheel felt his hands shake non-stop. Was...was this a joke?!!

He was initially happy to accompany the boss to welcome the lady boss at the airport, but why was there a strange man beside the lady boss?

Wasn't this a deadly move she was making!?

He carefully looked at the backseat through the rearview mirror and after a swift glance, he quickly looked to the front again.

His boss had the fiercest look on his face! Gosh, scary!

However, you couldn't blame the boss for being so angry. The boss had started to anticipate the day of the lady boss's return since three days ago and had even reminded him in advance of the time the lady boss would land. He was afraid that the lady boss was not used to eating in-flight meals, so he had supper prepared. Then, he was afraid that the weather would be too cold, so he had a blanket prepared in the car for her. He had been truly thoughtful right down to the core...

For the past few days, every call from the Boss would definitely be a reminder about the lady boss's arrival.

It had only been a few days since they last saw each other and with such nervousness from him, you would think they had not seen each other for years! Even Cheng Feng who had a girlfriend felt like he wasn't being a good partner!

But now..,

Cheng Feng's eyes widened in shock when he saw the man beside the lady boss taking his coat off to put on the shoulders of the lady boss. He almost spat blood!

He started to seriously consider whether he should ditch the car and escape before things went awry...



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