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(I'll Pick You Up From The Airport)

The game character from her phone shouted loudly: GAME OVER!!!

The young man standing nervously in front of her wore a white blouse with light blue jeans and white sports shoes. His hair had been cropped short, revealing a clean forehead, fair skin, and a shy smile.

He had told her that it was more than a year since he had graduated from university but he still looked quite young. With what he wore, he looked as fresh as a student who had yet to leave the school gates.

Ning Xi stared at him for a long time then suddenly stood up and circled the young man several times. Her face was full of utter disbelief. "Wow...who knew! I thought you were a wretched uncle. Who knew that you were actually a pretty boy?! Our studio won't need to hire a spokesperson in the future. You'll do!"

She had randomly picked up someone from the streets, who turned out to be a handsome looking young man! What luck!

The young man felt embarrassed and his face reddened further as he inquired, "Boss, I still don't know what your name is."

When she heard him address her as "Boss", Ning Xi could not help but laugh, "There's no need to call me Boss. That's too formal. We're equal partners in this business! I'm Ning Xi, you can just call me Xiao Xi!"

"My name is Gong Shangze, Boss, I still want to call you "Boss". You will never know how much our fateful meeting means to me! If not for you, I would just be a walking corpse!"

"Mmm, fine, as you wish then!" Ning Xi never minded such petty things, so she let him be.

But this was the first time someone had ever called her "Boss" and it gave him a thrill of satisfaction.

After all. this was a symbolic moment for her to take the first step towards her goal of reaching the peak of her life!

"Right, as for your studio, do you plan to open it in China or elsewhere?" Ning Xi asked.

"Let's do China, we've only just started and we're not suitable for a foreign market as of now," Gong Shangze answered.

Ning Xi nodded, "Okay, return to China with me tomorrow then!"

Gong Shangze agreed, "Okay."

Then he paused before asking, "Boss, what should our studio's name be?"

Ning Xi scratched her head and replied, "I'm useless at naming, do you have any good ideas?"

"Boss, I think it's best that you name it! I hope that you can come up with the name. I'm fine with anything," said Gong Shangze sincerely.

Ning Xi blinked. Uhh, why did she feel like she had just adopted a loyal dog?

"You want me to come up with the name ay? Let me give it some thought!" Because of Gong Shangze's insisting, Ning Xi paced the room back and forth and thought hard," Mmm, how about 'Spirit'?

"Inspired by Liu Yuxi's quote from 'My Humble Home': "Mountains are measured not by their height, but by celestial beings; waters not by their depth, as its spirituality is with the dragons". This means that regardless of how tall a mountain is, it will be famous with celestial beings and that it's not about how deep the waters are but the dragons will reveal its spirituality. You're the real dragon I've invited, the treasure of our town house, so we can definitely defeat that little snake!"

When Gong Shangze heard Ning Xi's words, his eyes instantly watered, "Boss, thank you! Thank you for this meaningful name..."

Ning Xi was nervous to see him cry and she quickly gave him a tissue, "Haih, Master, please don't cry, okay? What I can't stand the most is seeing people cry!"

Especially this dude in front of her who was as pretty as a young girl...

Gong Shangze then turned serious and said, "Boss, I won't let you down! Even if I had to squeeze myself dry, I would definitely make our brand, Spirit, happen!"

Ning Xi coughed lightly, "Cough, cough, no need to squeeze yourself dry. We have to walk down a path which will continue expanding!"

"Yes, boss!"

"Good boy!"

Just as they finished chatting, Ning Xi's phone rang. It was her boss, Lu Tingxiao.

"Hello, Big Boss!"

"Mmm, did the advertisement shoot go smoothly?" the gentle voice of a man asked from the other end of the line.

"Don't worry, everything went well! I'll be catching a flight home tomorrow afternoon!"

"Tomorrow the time you reach, it will be midnight already. You're alone and Ling Zhizhi is not around. I'll pick you up at the airport tomorrow."

"Ah? There's no need for that, I'll just get a car! Besides..."

"I've got to run to a meeting now. You be careful on the road. See you tomorrow night."

Ning Xi wanted to tell him she was not alone and he had no need to worry but Lu Tingxiao had already hung up, so she could only let it be.



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