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(Seducing Me! Seducing Me Again!)

Finally he reached his office.

Bam! Lu Tingxiao opened the door with great force.

He saw that Ning Xi was sitting quietly on the sofa while holding the red-colored thick album...

When he saw that the girl was holding the album, Lu Tingxi’s usual calm demeanor was replaced by a wave of anxiety, and even his voice shook, "Ning Xi…"

Ning Xi blinked, surprised at the sudden appearance of Lu Tingxiao, who looked anxious and was panting with his tie and outfit a little messed up…

"Uh, boss...what...what happened to you?"

Lu Tingxiao went towards her, his gaze fixed on the album she was holding…

Ning Xi quickly apologized, "Ah! I’m...I’m sorry...I saw that it was placed here...and I thought it shouldn’t be anything I just picked it up and looked through…"

She then put the album back quickly.

"Ning Xi, my mother had someone put it there. I haven’t actually seen it myself," Lu Tingxiao said, failing to hide his anxiety.

"Oh…" Ning Xi scratched her head.

"You don’t believe me?"

"Ha? Of course, I do!"

"You…" Lu Tingxiao was not very good at explaining things, so after a pause, he continued, "Please don’t get angry, it was my parents' decision to do this. I don’t have any intentions to go on a blind date. I won’t go even if they had it arranged for me."

He had gotten all excited because of her text and had completely forgotten about something so important.

Only when he reached the company lobby did he remember that the blind date album was still in the office. Ning Xi had gone in for quite a while already, so most probably she would have seen it…

After a while of processing his words, Ning Xi realized what had happened and she was surprised.

Lu Tingxiao rushed here...for this?

At that moment, she felt something nudge deep in her heart…

She did know that to make things possible, she would need to put in a lot of effort, but she was not so selfish as to make Lu Tingxiao wait for her until the end.

If he met someone he liked even more along the way, she would have given him her blessings!

The worst case was that if it happened, she would have a wedding to attend...

Ning Xi looked up with a gentle gaze towards the gloomy man, "Lu Tingxiao, actually you don’t have to be like this. What was that sentence again? It's a big ocean out there, you should go out and explore for yourself. Who knows? You might meet a girl you like even more."

Lu Tingxiao spoke up before she could finish, "Ning Xi, there is no one else, you’re my ocean, my whole world."

Ning Xi was speechless.

The devil did not even need to think now, every thing that came out of his mouth was already flirtatious…

"Hmm, let’s not talk about this now. Your time is precious. Take a look at this script!" Ning Xi quickly took the script out.

Lu Tingxiao glanced at Ning Xi and after confirming that she was not angry, he sighed in relief, "Wait."

He took off his tie and coat, then hung them on the clothes stand.

He should really be glad that she was not angry, but he felt a little disappointed…

She was probably not angry because that she did not care…

When Lu Tingxiao was not looking, Ning Xi was chanting silently in her heart and she avoided looking at Lu Tingxiao take off his clothes!

Damn it, seducing me! Seducing me again!



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