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(I’m Impressed)

"I appreciate your cooperation," Tang Ye expressed as he started to lead the men in the black suits out of the bar.

Augustine was filled with fear and anger, he would get back at them one day!

"You damn bunch of Asians! I’ll make all of you go to hell one day!"

The moment he finished uttering his words, a slight movement from Tang Ye was detected. He had unsheathed his daggers and slashed out with it in the blink of an eye.

"Ah!" Augustine still did not know what had happened. It was only until he put his hand to his left ear to find that it was cut off as well.

"Mr. Augustine, it seems like ears are nothing more than an extra accessory for you," Tang Ye declared then walked out of the bar with satisfaction, leaving the screaming Augustine and a pile of corpses back in there.

In a hotel in Philadelphia.

Ning Xi was annoyed after she was done text messaging.

No more messages came after the last one.

It felt really terrible to feel manipulated and afraid at all times!

She was lucky this time, but what if there were more formidable enemies the next time?

She looked at Lu Tingxiao through the window and thought to herself that she could not just sit here and not do anything…

Lu Tingxiao was focused on listening to his subordinate’s report but suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Ning Xi.

Ning Xi sat up straight and acted obediently. She then took a paper and wrote a few words on it with a pen: [Boss, may I go to the toilet? If yes, then you can pick up your pen.]

She showed the paper to Lu Tingxiao after she was done writing.

Lu Tingxiao smiled after he noticed the paper in the girl’s hand and saw what was written on it.

His subordinate was confused and stopped for a while.

Lu Tingxiao slowly picked up the pen on the table and changed his pose before reminding his subordinate, "Continue."

Ning Xi ran off right after she got her reply. She felt like she had gone back to her primary school days when she still needed to get permission from the teacher to go to the toilet…

The meeting adjourned late in the evening.

Shi Xiao was talking to Cheng Feng as they left the room, still feeling a little surreal about what had happened. He said, "So, Boss already knew that Hong Zhenhao had issues but he let him be, and he purposely came to Philadelphia to lure out the one who was pulling the strings…"

Cheng Feng nodded, "Yeah, but the results were different from what we expected. The enemy that appeared in Philadelphia wasn’t who we thought it was. It was another group of people instead. Our plans were delayed...if it wasn’t because of Ning Xi’s sudden appearance, you guys probably couldn’t have hung in there for so long, and I’m afraid that you won’t be talking to me now…"

Shi Xiao’s face reddened, "It’s my own fault even if I really died there...I have to say that I’m impressed and thankful that that woman saved my life!"

Even though it was all within the boss’ plan, he still felt embarrassed.

The boss had reminded him multiple times to not be reckless and think it through properly before taking actions, yet he had trusted Hong Zhenhao so easily.


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