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(My Dear Junior)

"You weak chicken! What am I mistaken about!?" Augustine yelled at him.

A delighted laughter came through from the other side of the screen, "Haha, what an interesting nickname for him...I hope you’ll have fun tonight, Tang Ye."

The screen went black after he finished his sentence.

Augustine felt uneasy about what the man on screen had just mentioned…

The black-haired man, Tang Ye, was Satan’s right-hand man. He was the person responsible for the organization’s core accounts and was extremely sensitive to numbers. He required protection as he could not do anything on his own.

Augustine had such a weakling on his turf now...what danger could there be…

Even though he had never seen Tang Ye in action before, it did not mean that he was not skilled, did it?

Hmph, even if he was skilled, there were so many guns aimed at him right now. What could he do?

Augustine’s expression became even more ferocious as he signaled his men to attack him. Suddenly, after Tang Ye had taken off his glasses, he seemed like a different person. As if like a shadow, he sneaked out with at the speed of lightning. In the blink of an eye, he evaded the bullets that sprayed at him.

Augustine felt creeped out, shivering as if an evil entity was trying to take over him.

All of a sudden, he felt the cold steel of a dagger on his neck, the pain waking him up from his shock.

"Mr. Augustine, you’d need at least, a fully armed special ops team to kill me...are you looking down on me, or...have you overestimated yourself?" Tang Ye’s psychopathic gaze peered at him without the glasses shielding the scary eyes of his.

"You...Tang Ye, you had better reconsider your decision! What will the consequences be for making us your enemy?!" Augustine’s body shook with fear as he had not expected Tang Ye to be this skilled.

"Mr. Augustine, allow me to remind you that this is Las Vegas...and I’ve said that it was only you who needed to consider the consequences…"

As Tang Ye finished his line, his dagger flashed and Augustine screamed. His ear was cut off. Blood spilt everywhere on the ground.

Tang Ye licked his lips, enjoying the metallic taste of blood, "You should thank God that my junior was not hurt and that your trashy henchmen were dead, if not…"

Before Augustine had the chance to say anything, a group of men in black suits rushed into the bar and killed Augustine’s men with guns.

All of Augustine’s men were dead in just a few moments.

Augustine fell into complete despair.

As expected, one should not be careless when dealing with people working for Satan. Augustine had made a deadly mistake this time…

Tang Ye put on his glasses again and took a white towel handed over by one of the men in black. He wiped his hands and regained his polite attitude, "Mr. Augustine, this is a warning, I hope that you’ll remember this."

Augustine nodded profusely while covering his wound with fear in his eyes, "I...I understand. I’ll leave Las Vegas now and never come back!"

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