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(Don’t Be Scared, I’m Here)

"You’re dead meat!" Alice glared with rage as she charged in swiftly and prepared to throw a punch.

"Red-black belt holders nowadays are so cocky…" Ning Xi shook her head with a calm expression, not even bothering to take Alice seriously.

"Be careful, that woman is dangerous!" Xiong Zhi reminded her.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Ning Xi swung her right leg high up and swiftly brought it down.


Just as Alice was just closing in on Ning Xi, Ning Xi’s kick was already in downward motion, and it landed right on Alice’s head with a crack!

Alice lost consciousness and lay on the floor unmoving.

"Pass...passed out?" Xiong Zhi stammered in surprise. Ning Xi had defeated the foreign lady with just one kick!

"I forgot to tell you that...I’m a black belt," Ning Xi said calmly after she had rendered Alice unconscious.

Looking back at what had just happened, Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were stunned speechless…

"Ning Xi..."

Suddenly, a familiar voice cut through the silence.

That voice…

Lu Tingxiao?!

"Boss!" Ning Xi quickly ran over and examined him from head to toe and only after confirming that he was alright, she let out a sigh of relief, "You’re okay! That’s great!"

"You…" At this moment Lu Tingxiao was furious beyond words, his body was burning up feverishly with rage and the anger was eating through his heart, "Who allowed you to come here?!"

This was the first time that Ning Xi had ever seen Lu Tingxiao this angry and she was scared, "Boss, you’’re scary…"

Lu Tingxiao clenched his teeth, "You actually know what fear is?"

Ning Xi put on a pitiful expression and said weakly, "Of course I’m scared, I’m just a girl. I almost died just now! My legs are still shaking! Boss, don’t yell at me anymore, I need some comfort..."

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were totally speechless by this scene.

Both of them were annoyed at Ning Xi. Just a moment ago, she was still acting all high and mighty! Which part of her looked afraid? Was she suffering from schizophrenia?

The boss would never believe her!

"You…" When Lu Tingxiao saw the girl’s panicked expression, he just restrained his inner rage and decided not to bother her with the issue anymore. He took a deep breath and pat the girl’s head with his wide palms to comfort her, "Don’t be scared, I’m here."

Ning Xi let out a long sigh and secretly patted her chest as she had just skipped a major disaster. Boss was really scary when he was angry.

She then continued weakly, "Mmm...I’m not scared anymore after I saw you, Boss! As long as you don’t yell at me…"

Lu Tingxiao looked apologetic, "I’m sorry, my bad, I won’t do that ever again."

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were speechless again.

What had just happened!?

Who was this person?

Was this their boss, Lu Tingxiao?

Or was this not actually their boss, but was another trap set up by their enemy?

The only one who was still relaxed about all this was Cheng Feng, who stood behind Lu Tingxiao. He pushed his glasses up his nose and looked at them with a face that seemed to scoff at them as young punks who did not know better.



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