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(What Sort Of Marksmanship Was That!)


Shi Xiao's man moaned while holding his head in his hands. Ning Xi’s extraordinary fighting ability had far exceeded his expectations, so much so that he could not even do anything about it!

Killing that actress? What a joke! She had such excellent capabilities hidden under her soft demeanour! How could that be?!

At that moment, Ning Xi had already loaded the Italian Beretta 92F pistol with seven bullets.

Long before, Ning had already noticed that the all the guns in the box were all emptied of their magazines. The foreigners were not stupid enough to give them loaded firearms.

So when Ning Xi was looking at the first gun, she had already formulated a plan.

She was trying to buy herself more time in the first round and the second round was to get the foreigners to let down their guard. As for the third round, Ning Xi already had her plan ready.

In the pocket of Shi Xiao's man, there were some convex-shaped items which looked like bullets, and it was impossible for Ning Xi to mistake a bullet’s shape. Plus, in places like Philadelphia, it was normal for gang members to have extra bullets on them for emergency use.

Ning Xi also realized that due to the foreigners’ pride, they had not taken away the weapons on Lu Tingxiao's men, as they thought that everything was under their control. At first, Ning Xi wanted to take advantage of their pride and take away the pistol from the white shirt man, but in the end, she forfeited this plan.

The gun that Shi Xiao's man had brought was a custom made one. Ning Xi did not know anything about its shooting range, penetrative power, and accuracy. If she used it and made a mistake, she and Lu Tingxiao's men would have been dead without a doubt.

And in the box lay one of Ning Xi’s favorites: the Italian Beretta 92F pistol. She was sure that if she used it, there would be an 80% chance of them getting out of this pinch.

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi were both dumbfounded by Ning Xi’s moves. What an awesome performance! Who could have guessed that such explosive power was hidden under her weak and soft appearance!

Ning Xi had the loaded Italian Beretta 92F pistol already aimed at the bald man.

"Stupid pigs! Kill that damn woman right now!" exploded the bald man.

The selling point of the Italian Beretta 92F was that it could use about 90% of the bullets produced from Philadelphia, so one did not need to worry about running out of ammo.

As the bald man was talking, he quickly pointed his gun towards Ning Xi and intended to kill her first. He was full of confidence with his marksmanship.

However, before his aim could even reach Ning Xi, her gun fired.


A loud gunshot echoed throughout the place, as her aim met its mark and blood flowed out of the bald man’s forehead.


The bald man fell over and his body twitched a little before he breathed his last breath.

Ning Xi did not even look at the bald man. Her sight was set on Shi Xiao and the moaning man in the white shirt the whole time.

"What sort of marksmanship...she didn’t even need to look…" gulped Xiong Zhi, clearly impressed.



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