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(Why Don't We Change The Rules)

"The magazine can only load up to 12 bullets since it’s one of the earlier designs. Even though I’ve never been in contact with it before, old designs like this are easy to guess. I’m pretty sure that this is the P229 that was acquired by the Germans in 1991. It should be the SIG Sauer P229 pistol," she finished, throwing the gun aside again.

Shi Xiao’s men did not have any hope left and they were praying that Ning Xi knew something about the gun from her previous acting experiences, just like the luck she had last round.

But naturally, they were prepared for a fight. If things went south, they would all charge up to the foreigners, taking down as many as they could since they would not have been spared anyway.

"So? Is my answer correct or not?" Ning Xi looked at the silent bald man, expressionless.

The bald man only replied sometime later with a cold tone, "I heard he said that you’re an actress."

"You’re right," Ning Xi did not deny it. She was an actress now, working hard on her own, charging towards her own goal with her talents and effort.

"No wonder, as an actress you’d have been involved in gunfight scenes. So that’s how you know about these guns, it's nothing too impressive," the bald man scoffed and took her knowledge for granted.

"Actress?! What a useless piece of trash that only knows how to sell her body and get involved in dirty deals! Killing a disgusting pig like you would be best done with just my hands," sneered Alice, glaring at Ning Xi fiercely as she instinctively hated actresses.

"Hehe, my dear Alice, I’m bored of this game already. Why not we change the rules? What’s more interesting than recognizing guns?" the bald man asked Alice suggestively.

"Didn’t you like seeing them fight among themselves? Just let them kill one another off, and we can just enjoy their performances," replied Alice.

"Right, that reminds me," the bald man said and stood up with a smile as he looked at Shi Xiao's man, "Stupid pig, didn’t you want to kill that woman just now? Here’s your chance, go on and choke her to death and I’ll consider sparing your life. What do you think? You don’t get rare chances like this very often in your life."

Shi Xiao's man, whose white shirt was soaked in sweat, had a shift in his expression, "You...are you serious?! If you are…"

Before he could finish, the bald man laughed, "Of course, my buddy, I’m someone who honors the rules. As long as you follow my rules, then you’ll have a chance to live."

"Alright, it's a deal!" Shi Xiao's man said would be no different from stepping on an ant.

"I dare you!" Xiong Zhi roared at him like an enraged beast.

Lu Tingxiao had strictly ordered him to protect the actress.

"Stupid pig, don’t do anything reckless and just watch. If not, I’ll shoot your brains out," another foreign man said to Xiong Zhi while pointing a gun at him.

Xiong Zhi knew that if he did anything more, a bullet would be sent right through his skull.




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