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(What Now, Am I Right)

Lu Tingxiao's men had despair scrawled all over their faces. To put it nicely, she could be called a professional actress, but in truth, she was just a freshie. How would she know about firearms? What a massive joke!

"You damned witch! You’re trying to kill us! Just go and sleep with those directors and producers if you're looking for attention. What are you doing here, spouting nonsense? Do you think you're shooting a scene here?" raged one of the men whom Shi Xiao brought. He almost wanted to kill Ning Xi right there and then.

Yet, Ning Xi acted like she had not heard anything. Instead, she toyed about with the gun and said, "Is this all you have? Most American FBI agents are using these anyway."

Ning Xi then threw the Austrian Glock 17 aside.

They really were unknowledgeable about pistols. Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi would be the experts if there were any weapons with more penetrative power.

Although Ning Xi had given a seemingly reliable answer, Shi Xiao still could not believe her. In his eyes, Ning Xi was just a small actress with an irrelevant career. What would she know about firearms?

"So, tell me now, am I right?"

As Lu Tingxiao's men were feeling anxious, Ning Xi prompted the bald man for an answer.

The bald man grinned. The woman was correct. She had even stated the special features of the gun along with the pros and cons of an Austrian Glock 17. It seemed like she had handled a similar pistol before.

"Hahaha, it's a good thing that you have a smart woman there, good! Go on, the game is just starting," the bald man laughed heartily.

Lu Tingxiao's men had a moment of confusion when they heard the mafia’s satisfied reply. What?! The actress got it right?!

"Damn! So close!" Shi Xiao's man was sweating heavily, and he suddenly remembered something, "Right, since she’s an actress, she might know about that Glock something pistol because of some shooting scenes she has acted in before!"

Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhi thought about it carefully. What the man said made sense. Ning Xi worked as an actress and would have come across some gunfight scenes. It was probably a coincidence that she had been in contact with a Glock 17 pistol model before, and she probably had familiarised herself with it due to the nature of her work.

"What a close one…" Xiong Zhi took in a deep breath. The consequences would be deadly if Ning Xi had said even one word wrong!

"We want a substitute!" Shi Xiao said suddenly.

Ning Xi must have recognized the Austrian Glock out of sheer luck. If she continued this way, they might all just die here when her luck ran out!

"Yes, a substitute!" Shi Xiao's man agreed as well. It would be better for them to continue rather than put the fate of their lives in the hands of a silly actress. Even if they got it wrong, at least they could decide their own fate!

"Nope, like I said, if you substitute now, I’ll take it as a forfeit. Are you sure you want to? If yes, then I’ll start off by killing one of you pigs," the bald man leered unkindly. He was really enjoying this game of the cat and mouse. After all, when he got bored of this, all of them would still be dead meat.



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