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(Expert Flirter)

In a nutshell, the female lead came from a rich family, in fact, the richest of all in the area. Her grandfather had two sons but for some reason, it was difficult for both of them to bear a child, hence they did not have anyone to inherit their business…

Finally, the female lead’s mother became pregnant and the scan results said that it would be a boy!

The family was overjoyed!

What happened afterward was kind of predictable. After 9 months, the child turned out to be a girl!

Everyone was shocked.

The female lead’s mother could not bear the self-blame and stress, so in addition to the father’s intention for the child to inherit the family business, they decided to have their child cross-dress.

She cross-dressed for twenty over years!

One did not need to know how the female lead could keep her secret for so long. Nevertheless, dramas like this did not need logic to work.

Anyway, this topic heightened Ning Xi’s interest.

Not just the cross-dressing part, the female lead’s personality was also interesting as well...expert flirter, playful, loves excitement…

Now that she had looked at it thoroughly, it was a character tailor-made for her!

The male lead’s persona was not too bad as well. He was the assistant butler to the female lead, loyal and kind. He was hired by the female lead’s grandfather to keep an eye on her, so the female lead hated him at first and pulled all kinds of pranks on him. It was during their time spent together that sparks were produced…

"I Only Like You"! This is it!

After she had decided, she was so excited that she could not fall asleep. She went to see Ling Zhizhi in her office the first thing in the morning.

"Sis Zhizhi, I’ve picked one!"

Lin Zhizhi looked at her in surprise, "That’s quick. Which one do you like?"

"This one!" Ning Xi handed the script to Ling Zhizhi like a piece of treasure.

Ling Zhizhi took it and looked at it, "'I Only Like You'...it sure seems like a hot topic, and it was adapted from a currently popular novel…"

"Yes! This is it!"

Ling Zhizhi thought about it for a little, then analyzed, "Are you sure that you want this? There isn't much invested into this project, only around 10 million dollars. Of course, it’s not a small sum. When I picked this, I was thinking that it fits your current outlook and you seem like a good fit for a drama like this, but I didn’t dare to just pick any drama because you might be easily labeled as another idol without real acting skills, and it’d destroy your reputation you’ve built from "The World". This is really a challenge to one’s acting skills!"

Ning Xi nodded, "Sis Zhizhi, you’re absolutely right!"

Ling Zhizhi looked at her, "To be honest, I’m a little surprised that you’d pick this...with your looks, are you sure you can handle cross-dressing? If you can't manage it and acted too feminine, it would seem really fake and viewers might diss you. It might even become a failed project in the end; there were a lot of precedents in the past."

"I’m sure, and I’m confident! Do you want me to go back and change into a male outfit?" Ning Xi was prepared to run back home.

Ling Zhizhi smiled, "It’s alright, as long as you’re confident, I have faith in you."

Actually, in "The World", there was a small part in which Ning Xi acted as the general, and she had looked really cool and exuded a masculine aura. If she really cross-dressed, it might be difficult, but it was not entirely impossible.

Ning Xi was touched and she expressed her gratitude, "Sis Zhizhi, I really love you! I’ll contact the people from the Corporation now?"

"Mmm, okay."



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