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(Could It Be Related To YS?)

The next morning.

There was no work that day, so Ning Xi went for a morning jog and bought breakfast for herself.

As she was walking home, she felt uneasy.

It seemed like someone was tailing her…

Ning Xi did not freak out. Instead, she calmly took some rougher paths so that she could shake off the stalker and hide.

Soon, a large shadow loomed in front of the walkway. Ning Xi timed herself just in time to rush forward and climb onto his back to lock the person’s arms in a death grip, "Who are you!?"

The man turned around and she gasped, "You again?"

He was the guy who came last night, Xiong Zhi.

She thought that he had left her alone. Who would have guessed that he merely changed his method of so-called protection…

Ning Xi let out a long sigh, "Didn’t I say that we won’t start shooting anytime soon? Not at least for another one or two months! You can relax!"

"Miss, I’m just executing my boss’s orders," Xiong Zhi replied matter-of-factly.

Ning Xi rubbed her temples helplessly. Lu Tingxi had such a dependable man under him.

As Ning Xi thought about how to convince him, Xiong Zhi suddenly whipped out his phone. His expression was one of uncertainty and he murmured, "Why did the boss ask me to go there?"

"Boss? What boss? Do you mean Lu Tingxiao?" Ning Xi had been waiting for Lu Tingxiao’s reply since last night and she felt worried. Now that there was some news about Lu Tingxiao, she could not help but take a peek at it.

The message said, "From the boss himself: everyone, no matter where you are, gather at this point immediately: The Arsenal, Philadelphia, America. Coordinates XXX…

The message was sent by someone named Brother Hao, probably one of Lu Tingxiao’s men.

Ning Xi froze after she saw the message…

Philadelphia, America!

Crap! Lu Tingxiao had actually gone to Philadelphia!

Wasn’t Philadelphia somewhere that bastard YS frequented?

And the message mentioned an arsenal! Why would Lu Tingxiao suddenly summon his men to The Arsenal?

Could it be related to that guy?

If it was true, it would be a huge problem…

Xiong Zhi put his phone away, and told Ning Xi in a hurried voice, "Miss, I need to go to Philadelphia now. Please wait for my return before you start shooting."

Ning Xi was getting more and more anxious and she raised her voice, "I’ve already said that it’s not going to happen anytime soon! What happened to Lu Tingxiao? Didn’t he just go away for work? Why is it related to an arsenal now?"

Xiong Zhi had a troubled expression as he realized Ning Xi had seen the content of the message. "Miss, I cannot tell you now, I don’t have time to explain anymore, please pardon me."

He then ran away as fast as he could.

While he was as sturdy as a bear, he actually sped off pretty quickly…

Ning Xi was worried sick. Damn it, what could have happened to Lu Tingxiao?

A thought came to her mind. Instead of worrying and waiting, why not follow him?

It would be best if nothing happened. At most, she would just come back quietly. However, if something had really happened…

At last, Ning Xi looked at the direction Xiong Zhi left and made a decision. She quickly ran upstairs to grab her passport and rushed to the airport without any further delay…

Upon arriving at the airport, Ning Xi looked up the most likely flight Xiong Zhi could have taken to Philadelphia. As expected, he had booked the next flight out to Philadelphia, so she bought one a ticket as well, and followed him undetected.

Cold air greeted them when they got off the plane.

Philadelphia’s weather that day was not very nice. It was drizzling, and Ning Xi could sense danger in the air with the ominous clouds moving across the sky slowly.

After they got off the plane, Ning Xi hid her presence. It was probably because Xiong Zhi was in a hurry that he did not notice Ning Xi following him…



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