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(No Face Given)

After hearing what Liang Biqin said, the owner of Jade Treasury was shaking in fright. He tried to stop her from saying any further but it was already too late…

The middle-aged man only glanced at Liang Biqin dismissively, then he shifted his attention to the owner of Jade Treasury. He was different from how he treated Ning Xi earlier. His aura was imposing and any trace of friendliness in his voice had vanished. He questioned, "Why was I not informed about the taking of these goods off display?"

The owner could not take it anymore, and stammered in terror, "Manager Yu,’s not what you think...I didn’t mean it that way…"

Su Yimo and Liang Biqin’s group were shocked to see the owner cowering in fright.

Liang Biqin, who was still scolding the man a while ago was particularly stunned. "Manager...Yu…?"

Su Yimo’s expression changed as well. His surname is Yu...could it be…

The artistes whispered to each other.

"What...this worker...uh, no...this man is the manager?"

"What manager?"

"I don’t know! Could it be...the CEO of the Jade Treasury franchise, Yu Wannian?"


Hearing the name Yu Wannian, Liang Biqin’s face went pale and she whispered, "Impossible!"

At that moment, the owner was trying his best to explain himself, "Manager Yu, I don’t mean that I’m taking them off display permanently. It’s just that there weren’t enough workers today, so I thought of this!"

"Not enough workers?" the middle-aged man glanced at the few workers standing around.

The owner knew that he was not able to get himself out of this one, so he went closer to the man and spoke in a hushed tone, "Manager Yu, this Ms. Su is a VIP and I had to treat her with extreme care!"

He then gave him a meaningful glance, seeking for his understanding.

Liang Biqin’s groupies broadened in pride after hearing the owner's flattery.

"Hmph, who cares if you’re the CEO? Even the CEO has to give way to my cousin!"

Su Yimo stared at Liang Biqin, "Don’t be rude."

Although she stopped her, she did not show any signs of displeasure.

Liang Biqin did not care about anything anymore, and she started yelling, "Hey, you’re the CEO Yu Wannian, right? I know that you have your responsibilities, but the owner was just trying to serve us. After all, you should know my cousin here!"

"Right, how much of a big deal is this?!"

The owner saw that Liang Biqin was helping him, and he peered over at Su Yimo with his hopes high up.

Seeing the owner’s SOS signal, Su Yimo sipped her tea and said, "The owner was just trying to be nice, we’ll let this slide off. No more next time."

"There, my cousin said so, did you hear that?"

The middle aged man did not change the way he looked at Su Yimo’s posse. He averted his sight to the jade bracelet that was held by Liang Biqin, "Miss, I wonder if this bracelet has been paid for already?"

Liang Biqin said without hesitation, "Pay? The owner gave this as a gift to my cousin!"

The middle-aged man looked at the owner broodily and reprimanded him harshly, "You ignored our system, taking off goods on display on your own! Neglected Jade Treasury’s motto, and even asked the security to chase off a customer! Disregarded your professionalism, by giving away a two million dollar bracelet! How dare you, Fong Maocai?! Who gave you such authority? Jade Treasury's reputation of a hundred years was almost ruined by you!"

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