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(It’s My Pleasure To Serve You)

The other artistes complained to the shop owner, "Why don’t you look after your own workers? How low are their standards?"

"You can’t blame him, I can see that he looks quite old already and must have been working here for many years, yet he’s still a lowly worker!"

"He sure has bad eyesight. His way of handling things are so terrible. Why are you still keeping him here?"

Listening to their conversation, the shop owner’s chubby face turned red, and he tried his best to keep up a smile, "Ah, pretty ladies, let’s forget about them over there. They aren’t affecting us anymore. Have a look around, don’t let your mood get affected…"

On the other hand, Ning Xi realized that this worker’s attitude was professional, so she let go of the thought of going to another shop. She explained to him, "Soon, it’ll be my grandfather’s 70th birthday, I’m thinking of giving him a bracelet made of jade beads."

The middle-aged man confidently picked up a bracelet, "Miss, what do you think about this? This bracelet is made up of 29 crystal clear round emerald jade. All of them are made from the same ore, the colors…"

Ning Xi ran her fingers over the beads and her eyes shone, "I actually don’t really understand what you’ve just said, but I really like this one too. I’ve been looking around since just now but none of them gave me the urge to buy it…"

The man smiled, "It means that you have an affinity with this bracelet, which is really rare. Please rest assured that the quality of this bracelet is guaranteed excellent!"

Ning Xi touched the bracelet, "I really do like this one, but how much is it? My budget is around 150 thousand dollars. If it’s higher than that, then I’ll look at something else…"

The man replied, "What a coincidence! This bracelet costs exactly 150 thousand dollars."

"Exactly 150 thousand dollars?" Ning Xi's heart leapt in joy.

He nodded, "Plus, we’re doing a promotion, so there’s another 20% discount."

Ning Xi was ecstatic as she was worried that all her money would go to the jade and she would have nothing left. Now, with the 20% discount, she would have a bit of money left.

Ning Xi nodded excitedly, "Give me this one!"

Anxiety disappeared from the man's face, "Alright, I’ll pack it up for you right now."

"Okay, thank you!"

"You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure to serve you."

He personally processed her payment, issued her receipt and packed the bracelet for her. Then, he handed it to her and bowed gracefully, "Please come again!"

The owner of Jade Treasury stayed silent the whole time, his wide eyes staring unbelievably at the bracelet Ning Xi had just bought with less than 150 thousand dollars…

After Ning Xi had left, Su Yimo’s bunch was still there.

Seeing that Ning Xi had gone, Liang Biqin was still unhappy and she lashed out on the middle-aged man, "Hey, you! I’m talking about you! What’s wrong with you? Your boss already said that you guys are not selling these cheap jade ornaments anymore. What makes you think that you can make decisions on your own?"

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