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(As Long As You’re Satisfied)

Moments before, the shop owner of Jade Treasury had already called security, thinking that if Ning Xi was not going to leave, he would have to use brute force.

Today could have been perfect, but too bad this woman kept on giving him trouble and even almost made him offend his VIP. What a nuisance!

Ning Xi glanced at the tiny security guard who did not look very tough. As she was about to say something, a polished formal voice came through, "Miss, are you here to buy some jade?"

Ning Xi looked up and saw the middle-aged man, "Yes, I am. What is this about?"

The middle-aged man nodded respectfully, "May I have the honor to serve you?"

Ning Xi took another look at this man again, noticing his tone of voice and cautiousness, she assumed that he was a worker here, so she continued, "I don’t think so, your boss just said that there aren’t enough staff to attend to customers, so he’s not selling these cheap jades anymore."

Hearing these words, the middle-aged man turned around and stared at the shop owner.

The shop owner’s legs were trembling, and he wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead while remaining silent.

The security guard from earlier stepped back against the wall and tried to make himself a wallflower.

The middle-aged man turned to Ning Xi, pausing in thought before he said, "While it’s true that there are other choices as well, even though the general customer profile at Jade Treasury are those in the above average class, we’re very sensitive to our customers' needs. These jades had to be taken off display because they are flawed. Please forgive us."

Was the taking off of the jades from the display counter not the owner’s act to please Su Yimo? Now this worker’s explanation was that they were flawed?

Ning Xi was still rushing to get the present, so she did not think much about it and just nodded, "Oh, then I’ll just go somewhere else!"

She then turned to leave.

The middle-aged man stopped her, "Wait! Miss, I meant that, aside from these flawed goods, we have something more suitable for you!"

He then signaled to the two younger men behind him.

They both held a black suitcase each, and upon the signal, they opened their cases together, holding the cases up at chest level in their arms to display in front of Ning Xi.

The middle-aged man gestured to Ning Xi to take a closer look at the goods and explained, "These are some replacement goods we’ve just gotten. Take a look and see if there’s anything you like!"

"What a coincidence!" Ning Xi said, pleasantly surprised.

"Giving our best to our customers is our top priority!" the middle-aged man answered seriously.

Ning Xi browsed through the goods and even though she was not very knowledgeable about precious stones, from just the outlook she could tell that these jades were definitely better quality. She murmured, "They do seem better than the ones I saw just now…"

Tension left the man's body and he explored, "As long as you’re satisfied. May I know what you're looking for? Is it for yourself or for someone else? I can give you some opinions as a reference."

Seeing the middle-aged man serve Ning Xi attentively, Liang Biqin was unhappy. "Owner, what’s wrong with your workers? Are they trying to get on her good side? It’s just a small deal over there. Is it really worth it? How shallow! Like he has never seen money before…"

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