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(Out Of This World Flattery)

Sensing his tension, Su Yimo felt superior and she calmed herself down, "I won’t say anything about anyone on purpose, but since you’ve been working hard, CEO Lu would have noticed it himself."

The shop owner knew that his trick had worked, so he smiled and thanked her, trying to make her visit to his shop even more memorable, "Thank you, Ms. Su! Actually, we have a lot more other goods in the shop. If you’re not short on time, take a look around."

Before Su Yimo could say anything, Liang Biqing scoffed, "Our good mood has been ruined. What else is there left to see?"

The shop owner instantly understood and stared at Ning Xi, then said coldly, "Lady over there, you’ve been browsing for quite some time already. If you’re not buying anything, then please leave. Don’t hold up my business! Can’t you see that I have a VIP to serve over here?"

Su Yimo casually said, "Boss, anyhow she’s still your customer. It’s not so good to just chase her away, right? People who didn’t know better would think that I was discriminating against her!"

The shop owner became nervous again, "Ms. Su, it has nothing to do with you. We have too much low-cost jade stocked up, so we’re selling it off at a cheap price and it attracts a lot of customers like her!

"Usually, such occurrences wouldn’t happen. Ms. Su, you know that our shop is a very classy one, and the deals that we usually close are worth about a million.

"I’ve been thinking of taking these jades off the display counter these few days. Otherwise, we won’t have enough people to serve our customers!

"What if, what if...I just take them off now? I promise that no such thing will ever happen again. What do you think?"

Ning Xi was touching her chin, impressed by the owner’s speech, thinking that the devil sure hired a lot of talented people, who could flatter the heck out of anyone…

Su Yimo then replied him, "You’re the owner, you make the decision."

Su Yimo said it amicably, making the owner relieved, so he confidently turned to Ning Xi and rudely told her off, "Hey, I’m talking about you. Did you even hear what I just said? We’re not selling these lousy jade ornaments anymore, go to the other shops!"

As expected, Su Yimo practically preened herself hearing those words.

The shop owner continued flattering his future lady boss and tried his best to chase away this useless customer. His small eyes suddenly spotted three men dressed smartly in suits walking straight towards his shop…

As they got closer, the owner was shocked to see the leading man with close-shaven hair.

How could it be…

Why would this man suddenly come here? There had been no notice whatsoever from the management!

Could it be a random visit?

No...could it be that they knew Su Yimo was here, so they came personally?

Tsk, it seemed like everyone received the news. It was a good thing that he had lavished her with compliments and praises earlier. It was too late for the others now!

The shop owner smiled in relief and hurried towards the middle-aged man to welcome him, "Yu...Yu…"

Who would have known, before he could say anything more, the three men ignored him and walked past him, towards the lady who had just offended Su Yimo…

The shop owner was dumbfounded, " is this?"

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