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(This Script Is Exciting!)

"The one above Lu Jingli?" Ling Zhizhi immediately shook her head, "This would be stepping over the boundaries, I’m afraid that Second Master would not like it. Plus, people from the Lu Corporation are not so easily contactable by lowly employees like us."

Ning Xi smiled, "Sis Zhizhi, while stepping over the boundary might be a taboo, if it were someone else I wouldn’t even think about it, but this is Second Master we’re talking about. Do you think he’d actually mind?"

Ling Zhizhi thought about it, "Well…"

Ning Xi understood, Lin Zhizhi was very careful in handling things, which was why actually they made such a great pair, helping to cover each other’s weaknesses. She then said, "Sis Zhizhi, if you are worried about Second Master, I can guarantee that there won’t be any issue!

"As to how to contact someone from the Corporation, coincidentally I know assistant through Second Master. I could ask him to pass a message on behalf of me and explain the situation. It shouldn’t be a problem and anyway, it’s a special case this time!"

If she really had to wait for three months, she would have traveled to the island with a knife and killed Lu Jingli!

Ling Zhizhi thought about it again then after confirming that there would be no issues, she nodded, "Okay, you can go ahead and try!"

"Okay!" Ning Xi replied happily, as she put on her mask and sunglasses, "Then I’ll go back and read the scripts! I’ll quickly select one that I like!"

"Okay, be careful on the way back." Ling Zhizhi also mentioned, "It’s really troublesome that you have no transportation but just be patient for a few days. After "The World" has aired, I’ll apply for a company car for you!"

"Thank you Sis Zhizhi! Love you!"

After she got back home, Ning Xi sat on her bed and looked through the scripts.

All the scripts that Ling Zhizhi had picked out were really great scripts, and more importantly, they all suited her.

In a stark comparison to Leng Manyu who specialized in artistic films, Ling Zhizhi’s plan was for her to go down the commercial and credential route. The scripts she had picked were of high quality and had business potential.

Ning Xi was reading through the scripts when midnight came…

There were all kinds of genres were available: romance, comedy, fantasy, horror, and also traditional ones like "The World". All the scripts were great but for some reason, they did not pique Ning Xi’s interest.

There was not a script as fantastic as the one she had from "The World" that could get her really excited.

Ning Xi flipped through again and in the end, her eyes landed on a script she threw aside.

The script’s name was "I Only Like You". Browsing through initially, it looked like a plain old romance drama, so she was not interested and put it aside.

Hmm, but all the scripts she had read were really creative and had their unique points, so maybe this script might turn out to be special too?

As Ning Xi thought about it, she took the script up again…

After reading through it, her face shone like a beacon!


This script was exciting!

And she had actually thrown it aside earlier!

What a mistake!

This script was actually your typical run-of-the-mill popular romance drama and even used the clichè dominant CEO in the storyline.

What was different was that it was not the male lead that was dominant, it was a cross-dressing female lead!



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