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(Lu Corporation’s Lady Boss)

"Hehe, if you want something even cheaper...I suggest you go somewhere else. We at Jade Treasury don’t deal with low-quality goods!"

The owner walked away upon finishing his sentence.

150 thousand dollars might be a big deal for other people, but what a joke! He was the owner of Jade Treasury, where many rich people frequented and he could usually close deals up to a few million, so a 150 thousand deal was not worth his time and personal service.

The shops like these usually had airs, but thankfully Ning Xi was already prepared for such a situation. She did not really care and just focused on selecting the bracelet.

Jade Treasury gave people assurance of quality, so even if it was cheap, it would still be a better product compared to buying from other shops.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came through, "Tsk, what a joke! Just admit that you’re too poor to afford them. No need for the flowery words! You think the owner is a fool?"

Ning Xi looked over and frowned. What a small world it was!

The one who just spoke was Liang Biqin in her Chanel outfit, and beside her was Su Yimo in a long dress. As usual, there were a few other girls behind them, all artistes trying to get on her good side.

"Yo! Goddess Su! What brings you here today? I was wondering why the birds kept on singing on my balcony today! I didn’t expect them to be celebrating your arrival!" The small-eyed owner quickly went up to them with a string of flattery.

It was not just because of Su Yimo’s popularity, but more importantly, she had the most potential to become lady boss of the Lu Corporation! How could he afford any mistakes?

This was especially when a rumor went around recently about how Lu Tingxiao really favored Su Yimo, and even brought her into his office directly.

This must not be far from the truth! Or so the owner thought.

"Goddess Su, please come inside! Xiao Yu, quickly bring out the best items from the back! Xiao Cui, go and prepare some tea, and use the good Tie Guan Yin tea leaves I brought back the other day!" the owner ordered them.

All the workers got busy and tried to talk to Su Yimo. Of course, everyone wanted to be in the good books of their future lady boss.

No matter how cool Su Yimo was, she smiled at the owner’s tactic to butter up to her, "You don’t have to do so much for me, I’m just looking around."

The owner quickly replied, "Ms. Su, it’s my honor to be able to serve you, it’s really nothing much!"

Liang Biqin triumphantly looked at the lonely Ning Xi whom no one served, and she grinned at the owner, "Boss, you must have lathered a lot of honey on your mouth, how sweet your words are!"

"Ms. Liang, everything I say comes from my heart!" As he spoke, he brought over the items the worker had taken out and carefully displayed them in front of Su Yimo.

Su Yimo casually picked up a dazzling jade bracelet, "New items? I don’t remember seeing this the last time I came here."

"You have sharp eyes, Ms. Su. Indeed, a new batch of goods have just arrived, and all of them are the best quality! Of course, they are still not worthy of your identity! But if you don’t mind, simply pick some!" The owner rubbed his hands in anticipation of his bright future ahead of him.



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