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(Gifts Are Not All About The Price)

At Imperial’s busiest shopping center.

After looking around, she decided to get some jade ornaments in the end.

The old man was a Buddhist and liked jade, so it would only be appropriate to get him a bracelet made of jade beads.

As the devil’s biggest fan, and out of her unquestionable trust towards the boss, Ning Xi did not even look around other shops and headed straight for Jade Treasury.

As Ning Xi walked in, a slightly chubby man with an old school vest and small eyes came up to welcome her warmly, "Hi, pretty lady, what are you looking for?"

Ning Xi wore a casual outfit today, the kind no one would really pay attention to. It was only with a closer look that people might be drawn to her cute face.

While the owner did not know who she was, experience told him that she was some celebrity, and it didn't hurt that she looked quite wealthy. Even if she was not that famous, she would probably buy something pricey, so he served her personally.

Ning Xi looked through the vast collection of jade ornaments displayed, and said, a little confused, "My grandfather is celebrating his 70th birthday and I want to buy him a bracelet with jade beads. Do you have any recommendation?"

"Yes...of course!" The owner quickly opened up the shelf and carefully took out a few bracelets, "What a good timing that you’re here now! We’ve just received a new batch of the latest items,. Have a look at the colors, they're all top notch quality! They’ll surely make you get into anyone's good books if you give it as a gift!"

Ning Xi did not really know much about jade ornaments, but according to the shop owner, they would cost quite a fortune, so she asked hesitantly, "How much do each of them cost?"

"The price is not exactly fixed but they are around one to two million dollars. Of course, they are better ones, so if you don’t like these, I’ll show you some others!" The owner’s eyes shone in glee.

Seeing that the owner persisted on recommending her expensive jade ornaments, Ning Xi smiled awkwardly at him. Did she look like she was rich?

"Uhm, it’s okay, do you have something cheaper?" Ning Xi interrupted the owner’s rattle of recommendations.

"Cheaper?" the owner stopped for a bit and assessed Ning Xi. He then kept all the bracelets, but still replied her with a smile on his face, "Sure, we have something cheaper! Take a look over here! The colors are a little bit off, but they are pretty good and the prices are reasonable too. Only around 7 to 800 thousand dollars! I’ll even throw in a discount so you can get them at 600 thousand!"

Ning Xi pinched the area between her brows and went straight to the point, "Something even cheaper. Do you have anything within the range of 150 thousand dollars?"

"1...150 thousand dollars?" The owner’s smile collapsed after hearing that and even his tone changed, "Pretty lady, while 150 thousand might seem a lot to you, at most, you can only fool those who aren’t very well versed with jade ornaments. Such a small sum of money can’t get you anything good! Plus, you’re buying a gift for an elder, so you should invest more, especially for things like a jade bracelet. It’s not something you should cut corners with!"

Ning Xi smiled, "You’re right, but the gift is more about the effort and the meaning, instead of the price, I'm giving my best, which means I’ve put all my heart into this gift."

The owner sarcastically laughed, but of course, he hid his scoff behind a hand so as not to make it too obvious. He closed the shelf and told her, "Then, you can pick from this area. The items on this row here are all below 150 thousand dollars. That row over there is cheaper, if…"




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