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(Good Luck Beyond Comparison)

Yan Ruyi obviously prepared for the worst when she asked nervously, "Master, do you have any way to resolve it? As long as you can resolve my son's bad fortune, I am willing to do anything!"

Xuan Jing shook his head and consoled, "Donor Yan, you don't have to be too worried. Please listen to this old monk explain to you slowly."

He was worried that Yan Ruyi could not understand him, so Xuan Jing tried his best to use layman terms to break it down to her, "From this diagram, this girl does have the fate of a Devil Lone Star. However, Donor Yan, if someone of this fate has a life blessed with longevity and enlightened kindred spirits, then they might have good fortune. Or they could practice Buddhism, do more charitable deeds to gain good karma, and really put in individual hard work, their fate could change too."

Yan Ruyi dared not interrupt again. As anxious as she was, she could only be patient and listen quietly.

Under Yan Ruyi's nervous watchful sight, Xuan Jing finally concluded, "If I did not read it wrongly, now, this girl has a fate of fame, prosperity in fortune and family happiness. Good fortune beyond comparison, a prospering husband, and a flourishing family, a future with many children and plenty of luck."

When she heard Master Xuan Jing announce the fate of the girl, Yan Ruyi was immediately so shocked that she almost could not believe her ears, "Master, what...what did you just say?"

She was the Devil Lone Star one second before, so how did she have "good fortune beyond comparison, a prospering husband, and a flourishing family, a future with many children and plenty of luck" in the next?

Xuan Jing stroked his white beard and exclaimed, "The rarest thing which happened is that the time that this girl's fate changed is too coincidental with your son's, I expect that in between, there must have been some sort of connection. Only, with the limited resources I have in this examination, I cannot come to such a conclusion. What I can conclude is that if this girl and your son tie the knot, they would definitely have lots of good fortune and no bad luck."

Yan Ruyi stuttered, " mean, that not only is this girl's birth date not clashing with my son's, but it is, in fact, positively compatible?"

"Indeed, that is so," Master Xuan Jing nodded, and then reminded, "There is no one path to the way the world works. Nothing is absolute, diagrams can only allow us to peek at a bit of things. For example, your son's fate had a sudden change five years ago. Thus, I hope that you will not take things too much to heart, and you cannot believe absolutely everything. Do still watch to see how things pan out."

"I understand now. Thank you for your guidance, Master!" Yan Ruyi's expression was stiff as she took the two birth dates on the table and left.

Until she had left the temple, Yan Ruyi was still in disbelief...

She had chosen so many socialites, all of them from first-class backgrounds and with outstanding personalities, but in the end, it was Ning Xi's birth date that stood out...

Furthermore, from what the master had said earlier, it was all good things!

At the Lu family old residence.

Lu Chongshan was sitting on the living room's sofa reading the newspaper. When he saw Yan Ruyi return, he looked up to ask, "How did it go?"

Yan Ruyi looked tired and apart from Ning Xi's date of birth, she handed everyone else's over to him, "The Master has made remarks on each of them, you can see for yourself. Generally, even though none of them are particularly jinxes, none are compatible."

Lu Chongshan looked like he had expected this and absentmindedly looked at them, "As long as they are not jinxes, it's fine."

As she watched Lu Chongshan look through the socialites' birth dates, Yan Ruyi wanted to say something but stopped herself several times.

Should she tell him about Ning Xi, or not?

Despite what the Master had said about Ning Xi and Tingxiao being a match made in heaven, the Master had also said that nothing was absolute.

Knowing Lu Chongshan's personality, if he had known that she had secretly examined Ning Xi's birth date too, not only would he scold her but he probably would not believe it too.

When Yan Ruyi thought about this, she made a decision in her heart.

Never mind, it wouldn't be too late if she observed first before saying anything...

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