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(This Birth Chart...)

However, if Lu Chongshan had known that she brought the girl's date of birth for evaluation as well, he would definitely fly into a rage again...

Yan Ruyi was in a dilemma. She took out the date of birth for a look and did not know what decision to make.

When he saw that she did not look right, Xuan Jing asked, "Donor Yan, is there anything else unresolved?"

Yan Ruyi returned to her senses and was flustered as she tried to put the sheet with the birth date back. However, she was still worried that Lu Chongshan would get angry if he knew and she felt that there was no need to evaluate the girl, so she quickly said, "Nothing, nothing! Master, you can go ahead and attend to your other things!"

Then, she turned around to walk away.

In her rush, a brownish paper flew out of her bag and dropped onto the floor...

Yan Ruyi had not noticed and was still walking away. Behind her, Xuan Jing bent down to pick it up, "Donor Yan, please hold on, you dropped something...eh..."

"As he said that, Xuan Jing stared at the date of birth on the paper in clear shock as his words trailed off, "This birth chart..."

Yan Ruyi heard the master's voice behind and quickly turned around. She saw that the master held Ning Xi's birth date in his hand, and the astoundment on his face was apparent.

Yan Ruyi saw this and her heart skipped a few beats, "Master, how about this birth date?"

Different from the confidence he had displayed earlier from looking at the other birth dates, Xuan Jing looked at Ning Xi's date of birth for a long time before saying, "Donor Yan, could you let me please have your son's birth date for me to have a look again?"

"Of course you can!" Yan Ruyi said that as she took out Lu Tingxiao's birth date quickly and handed it over to Xuan Jing with both hands. At the same time, her heart was filled with worry.

Xuan Jing held the two's birth dates and laid them flat on the short table. Then, he started to evaluate them carefully.

Yan Ruyi stood aside to wait nervously and she felt anxious.

The master's expression was so serious. Could it be that this woman was a horrible jinx for Tingxiao, and would cause harm to him?

After a long time, Xuan Jing finally said, "This birth chart has signs of loneliness, a robbed life with a series of unfortunate events. This person will inevitably jinx her son and kill her husband, and she is fated to be alone forever..."

Yan Ruyi turned pale at the sound of the reading, "This...isn't this the Devil Lone Star?! My God! Jinx her son and kill her husband...Tingxiao...Little Treasure..."

Yan Ruyi was still deep in shock when Xuan Jing suddenly asked, "I wonder if you remember that many years ago, I helped your son examined a similar birth date."

"I remember, of course, I do!" Yan Ruyi's face lingered with fear when she heard this. That year, the reading of Tingxiao's birth chart was filled with terrible danger.

Xuan Jing continued, "Wherever dangerous fate lingers, it needs to be fought with danger; when the five elements are in danger, the lone star fate is formed. As the saying goes, it is hard to be all-rounded and harmonize all five elements. Without danger, a long life and a roof over heads are guaranteed, but when elements of danger come together, the passing of the jinx on to the kin is inevitable and they will be fated to be alone till old age. Everyone knows that!"

"But Master, after having Little Treasure five years ago, didn't you say our Tingxiao's fate has had a breakthrough?" Yan Ruyi asked anxiously.

Xuan Jing nodded, "Indeed, five years ago, there were signs of a breakthrough."

"Then...what does Tingxiao's birthday have to do with the Devil Lone Star fate of this woman?"

Xuan Jing looked at her mysteriously, "This girl's birth chart, very coincidentally, is the same as your son's. It also suddenly started to change five years ago."

"Changed?" Yan Ruyi panicked, and could not help herself but urge him, "Master, please don't beat around the bush anymore! What fate does this woman actually have? Will it jinx my Tingxiao?"



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