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(The One Above Lu Jingli)

Ling Zhizhi continued, "But you don’t have to be worried about not having anything else to do this month. Since you have some precious time now, aside from the shooting for the game endorsement, I’ve been selecting some scripts for you.

"After the shooting today, I’ll give you the scripts. Take a good look at them at home, and see which one you like and pick one. I’ll be looking for jobs such as live shows as well!"

When she heard that there were scripts to read, Ning Xi was energized again, "Okay! Thank you, Sis Zhizhi! You’re the best!"

Jiang Muye rubbed the goose bumps on his arms, "Are you done with your flattering? Can we go now?"

"GO! GO! GO! Let’s go! Earn some money!"

A while later, they reached studio at the game company.

"Right...closer! Even closer! Ms. Ning, you have to be more feminine, act like you’re really dependent! No, no, no, not this expression...more feminine…"

"Movie star Jiang, you're really stiff! Gentler! Yes! Give me more emotions, even gentler…"

Listening to the photographer’s request, Ning Xi grimaced painfully while shrinking her body into Jiang Muye’s arms, dressed in a glamorous traditional outfit, "Damn it! The sacrifice I need to make to earn this money is far too great!"

Dressed in a cool-looking swordsman outfit, Jiang Muye complained, "You think I really want this to happen? I’d rather let you beat me up!"

After a whole day of hard work, they were finally finished with the shooting session.

However, it was not the end yet. There was to be a promotional video afterward, and they would need to stream their gameplay for a few nights…

Indeed, earning money was not that easy after all!

"Damn it, Ning Xiao Xi. Shooting an advertisement with you is even more tiring than shooting a fight scene! I’ll go back to sleep! Bye bye!" Jiang Muye crawled back into the car.

Ning Xi was really exhausted as well, but she brightened up at the thought of the scripts, "Sis Zhizhi, scripts! Scripts!"

Ling Zhizhi took out a deck of scripts for her with a troubled expression, "I’m just showing you these now because you have some free time. I actually have to request for permissions of the management, but the Second Master suddenly went on a holiday on some secluded island and I can’t reach him now!"

Ning Xi was surprised, "Hmm, Lu Jingli will go through the scripts that I’m going with first?"

Ling Zhizhi nodded, "Second Master said so. He also mentioned that he needs to show it to the person in charge from the Lu Corporation. It's a good thing that they really did pay attention to you!"

Ning Xi touched her chin, person in charge from the Lu Corporation?

Could it be the boss?

As she thought more about it, the likelihood of it grew…

Anyway, it was Lu Tingxiao’s idea to put her here. Maybe he wanted to control the themes of the movies she would be involved with.

"How long is Second Master’s holiday then?"

Ling Zhizhi sighed, "Three months."

"What!?" Ning Xi yelled, "Three months long! Even a tortoise would die! How can he be this irresponsible? If he doesn’t come back, then I can’t start shooting in movies?"

Ling Zhizhi nodded helplessly, "According to the procedure, it has to be this way. I’m having a headache now as well. I’ve tried everything I could but I still can’t contact him!"

What a nightmare!

How could it be!

She wanted to star in movies!

She wanted to earn money!

Ning Xi felt really desperate, then she suddenly thought of something. She asked carefully, "Hmm, Sis Zhizhi...since we can’t contact Lu Jingli, can we then directly contact the one above Lu Jingli?"



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