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(Defeated The Big Boss)

Ning Xi took a deep breath, and within those few seconds, her expression and the atmosphere around her changed.

She looked down and hung her head as she stood in front of Lu Tingxiao, not moving or saying a word at all.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

She counted down to 10 in her heart.

Throughout this, Lu Tingxiao watched the girl's gloomy demeanor and did not have the heart to let her be this disappointed, but he still maintained his hardened expression and was determined not to be moved.

In the next second, when Ning Xi lifted her head again, her eyes were red and wet, with tears welling up, refusing to fall.

At the same time, the girl's voice became coarse and she was vulnerable, unlike her usual self. She slowly walked over to the stony Lu Tingxiao and inched closer, before she pulled on his sleeves lightly with two fingers, "Lu Tingxiao... it's really impossible?"

A sliver of warmth almost cracked through Lu Tingxiao's cold expression instantly, but his mouth was still tight and determined, "No can do, Ning Xi, I can promise you anything, just not this."

Immediately, Ning Xi's tears started to fall all at once and she pleaded pitifully, "Lu Tingxiao, please, I really like this script. I guarantee that I will definitely look out for my own safety, okay? I..."

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Okay."

Ning Xi was shocked.

Eh? Okay?

After all, it was the devil she was dealing with and she had already prepared herself for a series of sad dramatics. She had only just used one percent of what she prepared, and had not even used her seduction moves yet!

It was "okay" now?

She only had to use some novice skills to defeat the boss! There must have been a bug in the system!

Ning Xi was stunned for a while before she finally reacted and was so excited she almost jumped for joy, "Big Boss! You agree? You really do?"

Lu Tingxiao expression stiffened as if he had just realized what he had agreed to. Then, he frowned and said helplessly, "Can I take it back?"

Ning Xi was anxious, "Of course not! A promise cannot be taken back once it's made! You...if you take it back, I'll cry until I pass out here!"

Lu Tingxiao sighed, "Okay, I won't take it back."

Actually, the moment her tears fell, he already knew that . Why would he still struggle to allow her?

In fact, he knew that she was probably faking it, but he still had no power to resist her at all. He could not help but clearly see his own rationality go to zilch.

Ning Xi's only regret that moment was that she could not run up to give Lu Tingxiao a super big kiss as she excitedly cheered, "Yay! Long live Big Boss! Big Boss, you're too nice! To have a leader like you was probably my good karma in my last life, no, my previously 10 lives! My respect for you is as high as the mountains and rivers..."

Lu Tingxiao smiled and helplessly stopped her, "Okay, no need to brown nose me now. For now, it's just me you've gotten through. If you fail at the audition later, I can't help you open up a back door, understood?"

"Fail at the audition! No way! As long as you agree, then all's good! If I can get past the Big Boss, would I not be able to defeat the other little minions?" Ning Xi was full of confidence.

When he saw the girl in high spirits, every trickle of worry Lu Tingxiao's had vanished too.

Fine, he could just ask the drama crew to watch her closely. She was never too green in the work she did anyway, so why should he hold her down in the name of love?

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