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(Pulling Tricks Again)

[Sweet Xiao Xi: How do you know?]

[Filthy Demon King: Nonsense! You think I wouldn't be able to recognize my uncle's study room?]

[Sweet Xiao Xi: The thing is, the background behind me is just a wall, okay?]

[Filthy Demon King: Just say if it is or not!]

[Sweet Xiao Xi: It is! But it's a long story, I'll tell you later. Focus, we're starting soon!]

Ning Xi put her phone aside and concentrated on preparing for the live stream.

After texting Jiang Muye for a while, there had already been many comments from the fans on the live stream.

[Ning Xi is so pretty! Is that nude makeup today?]

[Xi Xi, how're your standards? Are you good at battling? I'm playing this game too! I'm so happy!]

[I thought that the goddess' room would be pink, but it's actually metallic-colored...so cool!]


Ning Xi skimmed through the comments, then played the game while replying them at the same time, "Yep, I didn't go out today so I was lazy to put on makeup. My standards huh? Just watch later and you guys will know, as for the room...uhh...this is not my room! I had some errands to run today, and I could not make it back home in time, so I'm borrowing a crew member's computer!"

Ning Xi did not say a friend's place because this room was clearly a place where a male lived. If she had said "friend", there would definitely be further questions.

Indeed, when they heard her mention "crew member", no one held on to the question.

After waiting for a while, they finally entered the game.

Ning Xi's playing condition was close to fully restored now, and she was ready to show off her capabilities when Jiang Muye pulled a trick again...

This time, it was his turn to act oddly. In fact, he fared even worse than the previous horrible games when she had acted out.

Ning Xi almost scolded him, but she remembered in time that this was a live steam, so she could only suppress it and say with a soft voice, "Senior Jiang, go slower, I can't keep up. I can't heal you!"

Jiang Muye! Are you rushing for incarnation?! Stay right there!

"Senior Jiang, you must protect me. If the nurse is dead, everyone will be in danger!"

Stupid Blondie! Are you a pig? Do you understand the human language?

"Ah, Senior Jiang, be careful, three people are coming from the front. We won't be able to defeat them, let's run!"

Stupid Blondie! Quickly run! If you want to die yourself, don't drag me down with you!


After one game, Ning Xi was already mentally exhausted.

They lost in this round as expected, and the live stream was filled with insults. Before this, they had complimented them previously when they saw the results of Jiang Muye and her past battles. Now that there was such a huge drop in performance, it was no wonder the gamers were angry.

Of course, it was a good thing Jiang Muye's fans were loyal enough that they very quickly defended the angry scoldings.

[All you dogs, go away! We're here to see the eye candy, not to see a professional competition. Who cares if he plays well or not?!]

[Even if our Jiang Muye used his face to roll over the keyboards, we'd watch too!]

[All the best, Bro Muye, we'll send you a big yacht!]


Even though Jiang Muye's fans did not mind, in order to prevent herself from exploding with anger, Ning Xi still used the intermission to call Jiang Muye secretly.

"Big bro, are you messing with me? I finally calmed down enough to play well to go online and now you're going offline on me?"

Jiang Muye on the other end of the phone was silent for a while, when finally he asked, "Should I change the way I address you and start calling you "aunty"?"

"What "aunty"?! Jiang Muye, are you having aunty paranoia right now? I'm here on official business, alright?! I'm waiting for your uncle to help me run through a script! Lu Jingli isn't here, and your uncle is leaving the country for work tomorrow too, so he only has time tonight!"


"Why would I lie to you? No, wait...you played so horribly earlier because you were thinking about this nonsense?"

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