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(For The Charmer's Smile)

"Oh, oh, you've practiced a few times, well then you're still considered a newbie! I'm not intentionally complimenting you but the fact that you can achieve this level for a newbie is really great already! Look at this eggplant, it's especially fragrant, and even though there is a little too much salt, it's definitely flawless. And this winter melon with sliced meat, the meat is...only slightly overcooked. I actually like it like that, and this tomato omelet..."

"I realized there were egg shells in them so I threw away most of the eggs," Lu Tingxiao explained.

Ning Xi choked slightly, then continued to compliment with difficulty, "Oh, no wonder, this clearly means that you're really strict with your own cooking standards! Actually, a little bit of egg shells wouldn't really entire ruin everything. When I just started cooking, there would always be shells where there are eggs in my dishes! And this soup...well, soup is better when it's lighter, but most importantly, this cabbage dish! It's done so well! Even more delicious than my own cooking!"

Ning Xi complimented until her mouth was dry, and Lu Tingxiao expression finally did soften, "Mmm, I've practiced this dish for a long time."

If Ning Xi had gone to the kitchen now, she would see that the rubbish bin filled with the failed cabbage dishes...

The plate of success in front of her right now was built on numerous corpses of cabbages...

"It really is not bad, you'll improve if you practice more!" Ning Xi worked harder to coax Lu Tingxiao when she saw that he turned happier.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her more seriously, "I will, until you're completely satisfied."

"Ah? I...I didn't mean that..." What did he mean by doing it until she was completely satisfied?

Besides, what she really wanted to say was, as long as there was someone who knew how to cook, that would be enough, so he didn't need to learn at all!

However, the fact that someone like Lu Tingxiao had actually learned how to make soup for her was simply off the charts.

Ning Xi had said the wrong things earlier but in an instance, she was in the clear...

Nevertheless, she still did not have the heart to see the devil feeling disappointed. She initially wanted to go on a diet but at last, she finished all the food and even ate two big bowls of rice.

When he saw that all the food had been finished, Lu Tingxiao who was gloomy at the start of the dinner, finally revealed a smile.

Ning Xi touched her full tummy and sighed softly. For the charmer's smile, it would be worth it even if she died trying to holding herself up...

"What times does your live stream start?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi looked at the time and replied, "There's still an hour to go. I was preparing to train for a few rounds first before the game. I am using a different computer after all, and I'm worried that I won't be used to it."

"Mmm, I'll go read the script then."

"Okay, thank you for your hard work, Big Boss!"


With that, both parties went their separate ways.

Ning Xi returned to the computer. Not sure whether if it was because she had been charmed to the point that she managed to calm down, but for the next few games, Ning Xi finally played to her usual standards.

"You brat, you finally returned to normal. Otherwise, when we officially start later, we'd definitely be insulted by our fans! I'll say, Ning Xi, is it because you didn't eat earlier and was hungry?"

"Let's just say I was hungry..."

Very quickly, an hour passed and it was 8 p.m. sharp when the live stream officially started.

Ning Xi was just being greeted the gamers and fans when her phone sounded with Jiang Muye's message.

They were connected to the mic, so what was it that he needed to tell her through text messages?

Ning Xi opened it up to see...

[Filthy Demon King: My God!!! Ning Xi, what are you doing at my uncle's?]

"Uhh..." Ning Xi was taken aback and she told the fans that she was going to reply a message before replying him very quickly.

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