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(You Look Very Cute When You Curse)

Ning Xi suddenly felt very awkward and quickly closed her mic, "Cough, cough, when did you come?"

He couldn't have possibly heard her when she was scolding someone, could he? God, no!

"Actually, I'm not usually this irritable when I play games, and I won't simply scold people. It's mostly because Jiang Muye is playing way too horribly today..." Ning Xi continued to push the blame on Jiang Muye.

Lu Tingxiao's lips curved into a grin, "Very cute."

Lu Tingxiao's sudden words made Ning Xi slightly confused, "Ah? What's cute?"

"The way you look when you curse."

Ning Xi was speechless.

Devil, do you have any humanity in you? I have already been wounded so bloodily, and yet you will not let me go...

"Dinner is ready, want to eat downstairs first?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

"Mmm, dinner!" She really wanted to eat cabbage!



Ning Xi saw that on the table were three vegetable dishes and one meat, with a soup on the side. It was all home-cooked dishes that looked refreshing and appetizing. In fact, there actually was a big plate of cabbage.

Did the devil do this intentionally?

"Are these enough?" Lu Tingxiao asked worriedly.

"Enough, enough, definitely enough!" To avoid danger as soon as she spoke, Ning Xi quickly picked at some dishes and started to scarf the food down.

"Eat slowly." Lu Tingxiao watched her with a hardly noticeable nervousness in his eyes.

Ning Xi did not notice how nervous he was as she continued to eat. However, as she was eating, she noticed something was odd...

"Mmm...Lu Tingxiao..."

"What is it?" Lu Tingxiao quickly put down his chopsticks to ask.

Ning Xi took a bite of the eggplant and chose her words carefully, "Is your chef not in too good a mood today?"

Lu Tingxiao deliberated, then answered confidently, "No, his mood is very good today."

Ning Xi blinked, "Then why is his cooking today...a little off?"

Lu Tingxiao's back immediately stiffened when he heard this, but his face remained calm, "Why do you say so?"

Ning Xi pointed at the plate of braised eggplant and said, "This eggplant, clearly has too much salt in it..."

Then she picked up a piece of winter melon meat slice and said, "This dish has been overcooked. Even the sliced meat is burnt, and the tomato omelet is almost all tomatoes with barely any eggs...most importantly, salt seemed to have been omitted from the soup..."

When she finished, she looked up to Lu Tingxiao and was going to continue criticizing when she noticed that his expression was odd.

Ning Xi paused slightly, then a thought flashed across her mind and she had a look of disbelief on her face.

After a while, she swallowed her saliva and asked weakly, "Uhh, Lu Tingxiao...did you...cook these dishes?"

Lu Tingxiao's expression was heavy as if he did not want to really admit it, but he did not want to lie to her either. Half a second later, he still nodded rigidly, "Mmm."

"Pfft..." Ning Xi said in shock, "It really was you!"

She was in huge trouble! Why didn't he mention it earlier?!

She had just criticized the devil's cooking like it was nothing!

Ning Xi buried her face in her hands and quickly tried to save the situation by saying, "Aiya, I thought it was your chef's cooking. By a professional chef's standard, naturally, I would expect much more. Who knew it was the big boss' personally cooking! Uhh, hope you don't mind me asking, is this...your first time cooking?"

"No, I have practiced a few times before." Lu Tingxiao explained really unhappily. As a perfectionist, he was obviously hurt by this first-time failure.

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