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(What If I Can't Help It And Stumble)

It was as if Lu Tingxiao had just uttered a very common sentence, since his expression remained as stoic as usual as he opened up a browser, "Download the game."

"Oh, oh...right away..." Ning Xi quickly took over the mouse.

However, Lu Tingxiao's hand had not moved away yet, so she accidentally held his hand instead, then quickly let go again, "Sorry, sorry, sorry..."

She had just straightened up to apologise when her head sank into Lu Tingxiao's chest...

Ning Xi was speechless...

Lu Tingxiao touched her head, then as if noticing her distress, he said gently, "I won't bother you anymore. I'll go check out the kitchen downstairs. Just call me if you have any problems."

Ning Xi nodded profusely, "Okay, okay!"

When she saw that devil had left and closed the door behind him, Ning Xi could finally breathe a sigh of relief as she covered her face and laid on the desk...

Lu Tingxiao...

If you do that again...

I will not be able to help myself and I might stumble, okay?

It was a while before Ning Xi could gather herself again. She went to the website of the game and started to download the game client.

The Internet speed was fast as always, so it only took 10 minutes for the game to finish downloading.

She entered her account password and logged in to the game. She skimmed through her list of friends and saw that Jiang Muye was online already.

Almost immediately after she came online, Jiang Muye called to invite her into a game.

Ning Xi answered to connect, "You're on so early?"

Jiang Muye scoffed from the other, "You think I'm like you?"

When he finished, she asked suspiciously, "Why are you so defensive today?"

"Do you have to nag me when I'm defensive too? Quickly team up! Let's warm up with two games!"

"Okay! Let's get it on!" Jiang Muye immediately became energetic when he heard the game was about to start, forgetting everything else.

Tragedy struck just as they started playing...

Jiang Muye's shouts could be heard loudly from the other end, "Ning Xi! Go on! Why are you zoning out? Pfft! Pfft! Don't go, there's ambush...jeez! You're dead! Ning Xiao Xi! Did you forget to eat your medicine today?"

"Bastard! It's you who forgot to eat your medicine! Your reaction is so slow, couldn't you warn me earlier? You're a swordsman, how could you scold me when you couldn't protect the nurse well!" Even though Ning Xi was guilty, but she definitely would not admit it.

Jiang Muye was so angry, "Pfft...you're really good at twisting facts! Ning Xiao Xi, are you even aware of what you're doing? Are you not in shape today?"

When she heard Jiang Muye point out her condition, Ning Xi stuttered, "I..."

With the numerous devil's tricks coming one after another today, her current level of playing focus was already considered normal.

Ning Xi gritted her teeth, "Speak less nonsense! Let's go again!"

The second game began and still, they died horrendously...

The loss was so terrible that even Ning Xi was angry now, and she started to fight with Jiang Muye.

"Jiang Muye, were you bitten by a dog? Why did you rush to the front? Did you want to die?! Even if I was the reincarnation of Hua Tuo, I wouldn't be able to save you! Switch it back, I don't want to play the nurse anymore, I want to switch to being swordsman!"

"Damn it, this was the gaming company's request and not mine! Besides, the issue is not about which character we use. Even though you are more skilled with the attacker type of characters, there is no way you would play the nurse so badly! Tell me honestly, what's going on?" The more Jiang Muye thought about it, the more he felt that something was not right.

"Blondie Jiang, stop giving me excuses! Clearly, it was you who is messing things up and yet you blame me..." There was no way Ning Xi would admit that she was out of form because she had been charmed. She was determined on putting the blame onto Jiang Muye.

Jiang Muye on the other end so angry he almost puked blood...

Ning Xi was scolding Jiang Muye when she looked up and saw that Lu Tingxiao was leaning against the door frame and looking at her. She was not sure how long he had stood there.

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