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(My Lucky Day)

Ning Xi was taken aback, "Use your computer?"

Lu Tingxiao lightly ruffled her hair, "Don't worry, the configuration on my computer is high enough, and the speed of the Internet in my house is very fast too, so there shouldn't be a problem."

"Oh, oh, oh!" As she watched the devil's reassuring expression and tone, Ning Xi blinked her starry eyes and nodded.

The devil would definitely have a computer with the best specifications, as for the Internet speed, she had experienced how it fast it was herself.

When she used to live here, she loved the Internet speed the most. It was so quick that browsing webpages and playing games were an awesome experience.

"I'll bring you upstairs, so you can try using it first."

"Mmm, okay!"

The both of them talked as they walked into the house. Not too far away, Butler Yuan was shocked to see the both of them unexpectedly coming home together. He bowed and greeted respectfully, "Welcome home, Big Master!"


"Hello Miss Xiao Xi, did you come today...as our guest?" the old butler looked at Ning Xi to clarify, clearly emotional.

"Hello, Grandpa Butler! I'm over to do some things!" Ning Xi answered.

"Is that so..." The old butler was obviously a little disappointed, but then he thought, if they could calmly co-exist with one another, it was progressing well. He could see that the master was in a good mood.

The last time they had fought so seriously, that it had really frightened him quite a bit.

This was when Wan Wan emotionally ran over with small steps, "Miss Xiao Xi! You've returned!"

Ning Xi lamented silently over the greeting of her "return". Haih, the devil's servants are all not to be underestimated!

Ning Xi laughed slightly, "Wan Wan, did you miss me?"

"Of course..." Wan Wan's face reddened as she mumbled, then she noticed Lu Tingxiao was present too, so she quickly bowed to greet, "Welcome home, Big Master!"

The girl's face could not hide her expression. With the way she acted, it was obvious that Ning Xi was more popular than he was...

It was a good thing Lu Tingxiao was used to this and he was happy about it too...as long as they did not take up too much of the wife's attention.

When Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi entered the residence, Wan Wan turned to Butler Yuan excitedly, "Uncle Yuan, why did Miss Xiao Xi suddenly come over? Is she and the Big Master..."

Butler Yuan shook his head, "Don't make wild guesses, Miss Xiao Xi only looked for the Big Master for business. However, I could see that the chemistry between the two of them was pretty good."

There was one more thing he didn't say, and he was not sure if it was his illusion, but he still felt that there was still something in the way Miss Xiao Xi looked at the Big Master...

After she had greeted Wan Wan and the rest, Ning Xi followed Lu Tingxiao straight to the upstairs study room first.

Lu Tingxiao turned the switch on, then helped Ning Xi pull her chair out and indicated that she sit down. Then, he typed in the computer password in front of her.

Ning Xi did not have enough time to look away, so she saw Lu Tingxiao's password. Out of curiosity, she subconsciously mumbled, "l...u...c...k...y...712?"

She knew lucky, but what did 712 mean? It seemed neither like Lu Tingxiao's birthday, nor was it Little Treasure's birthday, and of course, it was not her birthday either.

Lu Tingxiao put one hand on the back of her chair while the other hand controlled the mouse. When he heard her mumble, he nonchalantly said, "The digits in the password symbolize my lucky day, the day we first met."

"Uhh..." After a moment of being dumbfounded, Ning Xi was so shocked that she started coughing profusely.

Now that she thought about it, it really was the day they first met! She had not thought about that at all earlier!

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