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(Caught Off Guard By The Sweet Couple!)


What had they just seen?

What did they just hear?

They were caught off guard by this sweet couple!

This sudden conjugal love!

In that instant, everyone turned to look at Cheng Feng at the same time. It seemed as if it was going to turn into a frenzy...

"We! Are! About! To! Get! A! Lady! Boss!?"

"Pfft! Assistant Cheng, you're not loyal now! How could you keep such a huge secret from us? And not even leak a little!"

"You made all of us shit our pants!"

"Just now, the boss suddenly said he was giving us an increment, only because the lady boss complimented us as hardworking, wasn't it? The boss has never liked us working overtime!"

"It must be!"


Cheng Feng rolled his eyes, even he was shitting his pants!

It was a good thing the both of them were okay, and since the boss was giving out an increment and spoke so gently, the crisis must have been resolved, and the skies were clear again.

From a certain perspective, it seemed that this Miss Ning Xi would be the person to determine their survival or death!

When everyone had calmed down, one of the female employees unhappily mumbled, "You lot shouldn't be all emotional for nothing now. Who knows if it was the lady boss or not!"

Many of the company's female employees secretly admired Lu Tingxiao and felt like the big boss belonged to everyone. Now that he suddenly belonged to someone else, they naturally didn't feel happy and echoed, "Who knows? He could just be fooling around!"

One of the male employees looked at them like they were stupid and rebutted, "From the perspective of a man, the boss is definitely serious this time! If the boss was really the kind of person who fools around, wouldn't there have been a woman beside him all these years? Didn't you see how the boss was not himself earlier? Have you seen the boss this gentle before? Have you seen the boss speak in complete sentences to anyone before?"

"Not only that! From the moment I entered the company, I've never heard the boss speak this much. I almost thought that our boss had speaking difficulties! Alas, he did not have any difficulties at all when trying to coax girls!"

"This is nothing, we all thought that the boss liked men!"


All the unwilling female employees looked aggravated but had no room to argue.

Since they could not counter the arguments, they made other remarks, "Who's the woman? She even wore a mask! Is she ugly?"

"Even with the mask, you could see that she's a beauty. All you women who want a piece of the boss should stop dreaming!"

"Bastard, who wants to have a piece of the boss? We're not used to watching witches hook up with our boss!"

"It can't really be that Su Yimo, right? Actually, Su Yimo has quite a good reputation! She's like a goddess! She's quite a good fit...with our boss!"

"Are you blind? That Su Yimo's so fake, how could she be a suitable match for our boss?"

"Stop arguing! All you women just admit that no matter which woman it is, you won't be satisfied..."


At Platinum Palace.

Once they got down from the car, Ning Xi looked at the bungalow in front of her absentmindedly.

To be honest, when she first left, she never thought that she would return, ever.

Lu Tingxiao saw her staring blankly and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Ning Xi shook her head, then walked into the residence.

As she was walking, her phone rang. It was Jiang Muye.

"Hello, what's up?"

"Nothing's up, I just wanted to remind you not to be late tonight! If you make me wait again, I'll really flip!" Jiang Muye threatened her.

Ning Xi was confused, "Tonight...what should I not be late for tonight?"

"Ning Xiao Xi! What's wrong with you?!"

"Oh, oh, I remember now, we're doing a live stream for the gameplay tonight, right? I know, I know! I was just kidding, I definitely didn't forget! I definitely won't be late! I've got to go now!" Ning Xi quickly hung up the phone, then looked a little guilty.

In reality, under the Big Boss' charm, she had forgotten about this!

Ning Xi looked towards Lu Tingxiao bitterly, "Big Boss, you know I've become the spokesperson for a game. In conjunction with the promotion of the game, I have to do a live stream of the gameplay tonight...I have no choice..."

"You can use my computer."

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