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Lu Tingxiao took his coat from the rack and said as he put it on, "I'm afraid that won't do, I have to leave the country for work, the first thing tomorrow morning."

"What!" Ning Xi exclaimed.

This is bad news! Why does the devil want to run away?

Lu Tingxiao thought about it, then said, "So, I have two propositions now."

"What are they?" Ning Xi quickly asked.

Lu Tingxiao continued, "First proposition, wait for me to return after a week of work outstation!"

"One week!?" Even though it was not too long, a week was not that short either! "What's the second proposition?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then said, "Second proposition, follow me home."

"What?" Ning Xi was stunned, "What...what do you mean?"

"What I mean is, tonight you can have dinner at my place. After dinner, I'll start reading the remaining half. When I'm done, I'll discuss my opinions with you. We should be able to get it done by tonight," Lu Tingxiao explained.

Ning Xi blinked, then said without hesitation, "I choose the second one!"

Was there even a choice? Of course, she'd choose the second one! But, upon revealing her choice, why did she feel like she just got tricked again?

Lu Tingxiao's eyes twinkled and he said, "Mmm, let's go."

Ning Xi politely walked in front of him and helped Lu Tingxiao push the office door open.

In the next moment, she was dumbfounded when she opened the door...

At that time of the day, everyone should have been done with work. But all she saw was a place filled with employees, none of them had left work and they were all working on their desk looking seriously. Except from time to time, they looked over...

Ning Xi could not help but sigh, "Big boss, your employees...are all so hardworking!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at his employees and then looked at Cheng Feng who had waited for God knew how long outside his office.

Cheng Feng carried everyone's hopes, so no matter how afraid he was, he could only warily walk up to him. Of course, he could not admit that everyone did not dare leave because they were too frightened, so he just laughed, "To thank the company's mentorship, everyone took the initiative to work overtime today..."

Lu Tingxiao looked coldly, "I have always been an advocate for work efficiency and not working overtime."

Cheng Feng thought to himself, "It's over."

Then, Lu Tingxiao added, "But your attitude is to be complimented. Everyone shall get a three percent salary increment for this month as a reward."

Lu Tingxiao naturally knew what they thought. However, he was not himself today and it probably frightened them.

Let's just call it...mental compensation fees...

In fact, the wife had just complimented them for being hardworking too!

Obviously, that was the main point.

When they heard Lu Tingxiao's words, everyone could not believe their ears.

Had they imagined that?

They had been worried for the entire afternoon, thinking that the company was going to close down!

At last...the boss was giving out rewards instead!

This had come too suddenly!

However, before they could get over their shock about the increment, what was even more shocking came after...

"Let's go," Lu Tingxiao turned to say to Ning Xi, then as he walked past his employers, he spoke gently to the girl beside him, asking, "What do you want to eat tonight? I see your circle of friends has been talking about going on a diet. Shall I tell the kitchen to prepare some less oily food?"

"Mmm, that'd be good! Actually, I'm fine with anything! You don't have to care too much about me! I can also eat less!"

"You can go on a diet, but you have to take care of yourself too. What did you think of Qin Mufeng's recommended nutritionist the last time? If he's good, I can get her to prepare a suitable program for you!"

"Ah? Would that be too much trouble?"

"It won't, I'll help you make the call tonight."


Behind them, the entire company was speechless.

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