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(Enter The Peak Of Life)

Jiang Muye scrolled through the network chats and looked impressed. His eyes shined, then he gave Ning Xi a pat on her shoulder, "Ning Xiao Xi, good job! Well done! I’m relieved, it looks like you did listen to my advice after all. Not bad, keep it up!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes, and then looked at Ling Zhizhi anxiously, "Sis Zhizhi, do you think my way of handling it was too high profile?"

Ling Zhizhi paused for a few seconds before replying her, "Under that situation, you were almost flawless. But it sure was a little too high profile…"

Ling Zhizhi’s worries were warranted since the whole company knew Su Yimo was backed by someone from the Lu Corporation.

Despite Ning Xi’s good relationship with Lu Jingli, it still felt dangerous.

The thing she worried about the most was that Ning Xi’s wings might be broken before the feathers could even grow.

After all the time spent together, she really valued this girl and wanted to cultivate and groom her properly…

Jiang Muye glanced at Ling Zhizhi and instantly knew what she was worried about. He then said, "You don’t have to worry about anything! Ning Xi has someone backing her up as well. As a matter of fact, he's far better than Su…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Ning Xi took an apple and put it into his mouth, "Eat your apple, stop interrupting when women are talking. Go stand aside!"

Jiang Muye took the apple out, "Ning Xiao Xi, are you looking for a fight?!"

Ning Xi cracked her knuckles, "I don’t really want to, but it looks like you’re ready to go, so I will grant you your wish!"

Jiang Muye quickly said, "I’ll just eat my apple!"

Ning Xi nodded in satisfaction, then turned to Ling Zhizhi, "Sis Zhizhi, when you were handling him, was he a jerk then and always brought you trouble?"

Ling Zhizhi squinted and tried to recall, "Kind of."

"It must be a lot of trouble! Rest assured, I’ll make sure he gets it back!"

Jiang Muye was grinding his teeth, not daring to say anything, so he could only munch on his apple angrily!

Payback will come some day…

"Oh right, Sis Zhizhi! I almost forgot! I wanted to talk to you about something important!" Ning Xi told her excitedly.

"What is it?" Ling Zhizhi asked.

"Sis Zhizhi, get me some projects! I want to work!" Ning Xi begged relentlessly.

Ling Zhizhi looked doubtful, "So soon? Your last job a tough one, so I allocated a month of holiday for you."

Ning Xi wrung her hands, "No need! I've completely recharged already! I want to work and earn money! Lots and lots of money! Then I'll get a rare cat to rear, stay in a grand house, open a grand company for charity, and enter the peak of my life!"

Jiang Muye laughed, "Haha, the peak of life, huh? Then you'll get married to the young, rich and beautiful? Ning Xiao Xi, are you high?"

It was a little creepy, given how excited she was…

Ling Zhizhi smiled, she actually really admired her Energizer Bunny attitude. But the rational part of her still advised, "Your attitude to work is honorable, but no! A month later, "The World" post-process will be finished, and you’d then have to start traveling to various cities to promote the movie. It’ll be really tiring by then, so you’d better rest well now!"

"Oh…" Ning Xi looked down disappointedly.



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